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Best Buy Lanham

Store's name : Best Buy - Woodmore Towne Centre

Address & Contacts

Phone number
(301) 341-6739
Best Buy
2300 Petrie Lane
20706 Lanham

Opening Times

Monday 10:00am - 9:00pm
Tuesday 10:00am - 9:00pm
Wednesday 10:00am - 9:00pm
Thursday 10:00am - 9:00pm
Friday 10:00am - 9:00pm
Saturday 10:00am - 9:00pm
Sunday 11:00am - 7:00pm
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Best Buy Lanham is usually open Sunday.

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  • Electrical goods & electronics
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GPS position
  • Latitude : 38.965273
  • Longitude : -76.840031

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Opinions Best Buy Lanham

report comment - 08/31/2014
I decided to visit this Best Buy (8/30/2014 about 2:30pm EST) to get advice on an in-dash GPS receiver for my car and price installation. My experience from this visit has left me no choice but to never patron Best Buy again. The only problem - which is the biggest problem for this store is the customer service and the quality of people that are employed there. I wasn't greeted by the Asset Protection (yellow shirts) as I entered the store. The guy that was there, had his shirt untucked, he was on a personal phone call with it resting on his neck as he was hunched over the concierge type desk. - I noticed it was unprofessional, but didn't care since I was on a mission to get my GPS receiver. I continued walking to the rear of the store to the GPS/Car audio section. I waited and looked at receivers for over 20 minutes and no one offered me help nor were there anyone present to ask for help. I checked the neighboring departments (Home Theater to the left and Tablets/Laptops/PCs to the right) for help, but there was either no one there, they were already assisting a customer, on the phone (personal) or behind a counter talking (about anything but Best Buy). I went toward the front of the store and asked anyone with a blue shirt for assistance, the first guy that I was able to flag down seemed to work in receiving. He requested someone help me on his walkie-talkie and told me someone would be over to help in GPS area, which sounded great to me, because I'm a patient person and I was very interested in buying the product. I waited again 15 minutes - no one showed up. I walked back to the concierge to speak to the Asset Protection guy to ask for help again. He didn't seem to care very much and requested someone help me and quickly went back to his phone call. I told him I needed someone to meet me here, because I've been waiting over 40 minutes for help and that I did not want to walk back and forth if no one showed up. I could tell by his body language that he became annoyed with me. He stopped in mid sentence to listen to someone in the radio and he quickly tells me: "we don't got nobody to help you" I couldn't believe it...you don't want to take my money that goes toward your paycheck and then you use bad grammar (double negatives) when speaking business with a customer? I walked off and asked the next blue shirt for a manager; of course she told me to wait right here and a manager would come. Ha! nice try. As I am getting ready to leave the store a tall slim Caucasian Best Buy employee (David) asks me if I needed help and assisted me with my questions on the receiver and installation in under five minutes. I asked him who was the manager and he pointed me to a gentleman named Brice. I spoke to him about the situation, but I felt as though it went in one ear and out the other. He offered me $30 off my purchase, but - I didn't need a discount - I am not poor. What I needed at the time was good customer service from a knowledgeable source so that I can go on about my day, but instead I was faced with attitudes, incompetence, poor salesmanship and customer service. The thing that baffles me is that I was going to spend upward of $1,000 today with the price of the receiver and the cost of Best Buy installation (yep, I was going to let them install it as well) - but I decided to buy it from Amazon. It was cheaper there anyway. Stay away from this location - you'll only be inconvenienced.

Best Buy

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Best Buy began life in 1966 as small hi-fi store Sound of Music in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The business was profitable from the first year, and founder Richard M. Schulze began acquiring other electricals businesses, buying out his partner and increasing the number of stores. In 1983, Sound of Music expanded its product range to include other appliances and rebranded… more about Best Buy

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