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Costco Santa Cruz

Address & Contacts

Phone number
(831) 469-0961
220 Sylvania Avenue
95060 Santa Cruz

Opening Times

Monday 10:00am - 8:30pm
Tuesday 10:00am - 8:30pm
Wednesday 10:00am - 8:30pm
Thursday 10:00am - 8:30pm
Friday 10:00am - 8:30pm
Saturday 09:30am - 6:00pm
Sunday 09:00am - 6:00pm
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Costco Santa Cruz is usually open Sunday.

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Store information

Departements with phone number :
- 1 Hour Photo/Digital Prints : (831) 469-3545
- Food Court : (831) 469-8145
- Hearing Aids : (831) 824-1012
- Membership : (831) 469-0664
- Pharmacy : (831) 469-0366
- Tire Service Center : (831) 469-0763


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GPS position
  • Latitude : 36.9848
  • Longitude : -122.0332

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Opinions Costco Santa Cruz

report comment - 07/27/2015
The service is exceptional; staff are friendly, helpful and very efficient and quick. I get one prescription from the pharmacy and they are gracious and helpful beyond words, even though it is clear they are often super busy. The Warehouse selections are almost all significantly less expensive than elsewhere and there is a broad selection of items including many organic foods and edibles. My only requests would be to stock tea and more women's clothes. I am very grateful for this store, for the service they provide and the way the treat their employees and customers. Thank you
report comment - 03/03/2016
I am very grateful that the kind staff at Costco Santa Cruz mailed my misplaced driver's license to my home. Thank you Costco for going above and beyond!
report comment - 08/19/2016
We are Chinese and have been discriminated at about 4:30 this afternoon.Because we didnot know we had to take the receipt in hand At the entrance .The girl who stand at the entrance asked me to take out of the recipt and checked it. Then, the girl asked me to open my bag and checked it, and then asked my wife to open her bag and checked it. Then, I asked the girl why she did not trust me. she answered she checked everyone. After we went out ,we found the girl didnot check others.
report comment - 02/20/2017
Visited Costco Santa Cruz today for glasses. Two pairs, one for and one for my wife. Took a number, 8 ahead of us. No problem. Waited until called and proceeded to order. We had already picked out frames. My wife was measured etc and ready to order. When my turn came I was informed I would have to take a number and wait all over again because her break time was coming . There were another nine people ahead of me. We left, my wife in tears and me very angry. This employee cost your store at least $600, not to mention the additional items I had to purchase. Lens crafters is looking much better for customer service.
report comment - 05/30/2017
My husband & I and our extended family have thouroughly enjoyed shopping at the Santa Cruz Costco for many years. We are particularly appreciative of Costco's helpful staff and the large selection of organic products at this facility. Unfortunately we were dismayed to find that Costco carries Bayer's Rose & Flower Care, containing the bee- killing agent "Neonicotinoid." Santa Cruz, as well of much of California, is an environmentally-sensitive area whose citizens are well informed on environmental issues. PLEASE REMOVE THIS AND OTHER BEE-KILLING PRODUCTS FROM YOUR INVENTORY.
report comment - 06/02/2017
I just called and WS put on hold for 10 minutes. I had questions about membership. Oh well.
report comment - 06/02/2018
My 71yr old Mother was soo excited about purchasing an outdoor fireplace at the Santa Cruz Costco yesterday, then on realizing that it wouldn't fit in her car she asked the check'out guy if she could pay for it with her other items and pick it up later that day with a truck, as there were only 2 of them left and she didn't want to miss out by having it sold to someone else. He said he'd find a supervisor to see if that was a possibility... one of the supervisors walked up on her and said she couldn't do it that way, my Mother asked her if she would be willing to put one of them on hold til she gets back with a truck. This supervisor started screaming at her in front of the whole checkout part of the store, my Mother left the store in tears to have been yelled at and humiliated over a simple question... I immediately contacted this supervisors' supervisor, he agreed that this was inexcusable behavior from a Costco employee and assured me that he'd would talk to said supervisor and call me back to let us know the result the same-day... STILL WAITING FOR A CALL BACK...


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Costco Wholesale Corporation is a membership-only warehouse club that provides a wide selection of merchandise. Costco is headquartered in Issaquah, Washington, United States and was founded in 1976 in San Diego, CA with its first warehouse in Seattle.

Costco was the first company to grow from zero to $3 billion in sales in less than six years.… more about Costco

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