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Statesman Journal Salem

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(503) 399-6611
Statesman Journal
280 Church St NE, Salem, OR 97301
97301 Salem
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Official Website : statesmanjournal.com

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We are a news-gathering organization committed to serving the community by providing timely, credible and relevant information. Visit our website today for breaking news or subscribe for Newspaper to stay informed.


  • Office Supplies / Professionals
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  • Latitude : 44.940703
  • Longitude : -123.03421

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Opinions Statesman Journal Salem

report comment - 05/22/2016
I want my paper. !!!
report comment - 03/06/2017
I am very disappointed in your sports coverage. You Bill yourself as a regional paper, but if does not happen to a Salem team you do not cover it. Games played after 3pm do not even have scores in the paper the next day. The coverage of the Volcanos is so bad I doubt newcomers would even know Salem Keizer had a pro team. Did you mention the basketball team from Perrydale was in the playoffs for the first time in several years? Probably a big thing for them! It seems the sports page went down hill fast once you stopped printing the paper in Salem.
report comment - 08/20/2017
Our paper is constantly late. We use to get our paper every day between 5-5:30am., now it gets here when it gets here. I have the same delivery person so I know it's not him. What gives you just raised your rates.
report comment - 09/26/2017
Unable to reach a PERSON; the recording goes on and on! PLEASE DISCONTINUE my subscription to the SJ. Thank you. Mary Smith, 503-910-7111. Address: 6378 Crenshaw Dr.N, Keizer, OR 97303.
report comment - 10/01/2017
Terrible delivery service! Have called 800# many time and no results. This week we have received 3 papers And have not received 7 days in row for 6 months
report comment - 10/02/2017
Have had a problem several times receiving TV Weekly magazine on Sundays . Have made appropriate phone calls, (very time consuming) and have tried to speak with a director of circulation but cannot get a copy if it wasn't delivered at the same time my paper came. I will be making some changes.
report comment - 10/05/2017
No paper again (Thursday Oct. 5) . It is getting to be a common event. Cannot talk to a human being on the phone, just a recording.
report comment - 10/16/2017
Yesterday 10/15/17, I came home after working Night shift and found my front window broken. The carrier throws it on my porch rather then putting it in the BIG REF SJ DELIVERY BOX.. So I call the ONLY number they give on website 1800.... the lady told me some one would call me, Come out and take care of it... Well we are 36 He's later and no call. I did talk to a nice reporter but he was only able to leave a message for someone... MY WIDOW IS BUSTED AND NOBODY WILL CALL ME BACK!!!!!
report comment - 11/20/2017
I am only supposed to receive a paper on Wed. and Sun. I have been receiving a paper every day and 2 on Wed. and Sun. I reported this problem but the papers keep coming. Help!!! Then Statesman Journal with drew $ 23.60 from my checking. I am so done with Statesman Journal !!!
report comment - 12/21/2017
You people are pathetic.. we cant get anyone on the phone and Have you seen all the people who cant either.. i heard you are never there and the computer runs the business., i went by and no one is at the office and said out of business.l what are you doing, my mom says she never gets a paper and cant seem to stop you from taking her money out of her checking. What is the deal? Where are you.. she has taken the paper since the 50 s and you cant even get someone to answer the phne or do the chat line. We are calling the attorney general.. you have been warned
report comment - 07/07/2018
Terrible! I did not get my paper on Sunday and tried from 8:30 - 9:05 to call in. The voice said you were open on Sunday's until 10:00. You need to change your information. Tried 3 different numbers to no success. I have cancelled the paper before because of this problem and about ready to do it again.