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Opinions Statesman Journal in Salem (97301)

Reviewed by Mary S.
Unable to reach a PERSON; the recording goes on and on! PLEASE DISCONTINUE my subscription to the SJ. Thank you. Mary Smith, 503-910-7111. Address: 6378 Crenshaw Dr.N, Keizer, OR 97303.

Opinions Car Keys Philadelphia in Philadelphia (19132)

Reviewed by Hayden J.
Car Key Philadelphia provides the best auto locksmith service and I would recommend them

Opinions Costco in Manassas (20109)

Reviewed by Alan H.
We purchased a set of 45 gallon plastic storage bins and found after returning home that they lacked one handle. Item Number: 706493

Opinions Car Keys Philadelphia in Philadelphia (19132)

Reviewed by Alice D.
Car key Philadelphia has the best hard working team and they are very co-operative with their customers. I really appreciate it

Opinions Car Keys Philadelphia in Philadelphia (19132)

Reviewed by Caroline J.
I have many Car Locksmith Services in my town but Car Key Philadelphia is what I found the best. Keep up the good work guys

Opinions Garage Door Repair in Los Angeles (90032)

Reviewed by Jery P.
Hello, How are you? Hope you are fine. I have been checking your website quite often. It has seen that the main keywords are still not in top 10 rank. You know things of working; I mean the procedure of working has changed a lot. So I would like to have opportunity to work for you and this time we... read more

Opinions Stop & Shop in Peabody (01960)

Reviewed by Gina T.
I went to the Peabody location in the deli clerk there is a women who is very friendly and I only like her to cut my deli because she does it right for me she is the best Her name is Linda and she should be rewarded

Opinions Costco in Commack (11725)

Reviewed by Judy S.
Why doesn't Costco have a 10 items or less checkout? I only get a few things and refuse to stand in those lines where customers have their carts full. I'd rather shop elsewhere

Opinions Petco in Slidell (70458)

Reviewed by Becky Stevens Behrens B.
Rebecca in the aquatics department was very patient and helpful. She has a lot of knowledge and experience and was able to find a solution to our problem. She also tested our aquarium water for free, which is a service I believe all Petco stores offer.

Opinions Kmart in Chico (95926)

Reviewed by Lorie D.
I was just in Kmart in Chico Ca. I was so irritated I decided to write in hopes corporate would read this. First of all there was shopping carts all over the parking lot. Not in the shopping cart areas. Garbage, boxes and trash were in several of them. I walked in and six carts were in the store. There... read more

Opinions Costco in Yakima (98903)

Reviewed by Doug H.
Great big store, on par with Costco in Long Beach, CA. Lots of crowds and chaos, customers and staff not happy, couldn't wait to get done.

Opinions Kmart in Williamsburg (23185)

Reviewed by Kaitlyn S.
I love Kmart Jordan was my cashier and was very patient and sweet and made it enjoyable for me to come back.

Opinions Kendall iphone repair in Miami (33193)

Reviewed by Kendall I.
kendall iphone repair test

Opinions Albertsons in Baton Rouge (70817)

Reviewed by R M.
Good Afternoon, I am currently doing a study on obesity. I always shop at Albertsons and have noticed the produce section to be slim. Who is the main provider of our fresh vegies and fruits. Is it due to the hurricane. Also have you noticed an increase in frozen and or canned fruits and vegies. Thanks for any input. Sincerely... read more

Opinions Rainbow in Springfield (01104)

Reviewed by Kay S.
This store is so over crowded with racks you can't walk in it. Also they play the music so loud, I feel like I'm in a club. Very unprofessional and unfriendly staff. Prefer to stay away from this location.

Opinions Best Buy in Las Vegas (89119)

Reviewed by SCOTTY L.

Opinions GNC in Terre Haute (47803)

Reviewed by Rob D.
Overall, I generally buy my supplements online. It allows me to avoid being bothered to buy a supplement or vitamin that I am not there to buy. This specific location I visited because my supplements were on backorder, and I needed them before the two week expected ship date. I dropped in and it seemed pretty nice. I bee lined... read more

Opinions GNC in New Orleans (70112)

Reviewed by Kallie B.
Sucks that you can't call as their phone number listed is their fax line!!!!!!!! Been trying for a couple hours. My husband will be in the area and had a question to ask and make sure this store carried what he uses but CANT!!!!????????????

Opinions Kendall iphone repair in Miami (33193)

Reviewed by Jon M.
amazing service highly recommended

Opinions Costco in Beaverton (97006)

Reviewed by Tamara S.
I came in with my daughter 9/10/2017, set her up with a card and we shopped. Danny T was our checkout clerk. He was very pleasant, funny and professional. Best checkout experience I've had from any where. Thank you Danny T.

Opinions B2B Capricorn in New York City (10006)

Reviewed by Royce L.
I had purchased travel industry email lists from this company about a month ago , they provided a decent service. The email list had atmost valid information and it really helped me get more revenue . thank you guys . !!

Opinions PetSmart in Texarkana (75503)

Reviewed by SHARON P.
On 9/2/2017, Brittney K. did an excellent job of grooming our shih tzus, Harley and Princess, the best grooming they have ever had!

Opinions Costco in Norfolk (23502)

Reviewed by Helen P.
My husband and I work and honestly only have the weekends to go shopping preferably Costco but after Saturday games with kids and errands to run when we get to Costco on Saturday we find it closed at 6pm . Weekdays your stores are open until 8 or 8:30 but it is impossible for us , having children and homework... read more

Opinions Rue21 in Orlando (32822)

Reviewed by Karelys S.
Im trying to find a way to submit an application to your 5939 store on goldenrod rd. Orlando Fl. And I just cant seem to fi d the online application. I would so much appreciate if you could help me out on that, Thank you.

Opinions Costco in Vallejo (94591)

Reviewed by Stanley O.
not helpful at all

Opinions Walmart in Brewer (04412)

Reviewed by Polly D.
A while back maybe two weeks ago I was in your store & talked with I believe an Assistant manger & another gentlemen, About two people Brandie Derouin & her husband Mark Derouin, who stole A car load of flowers & mulch & dirt from your outside flowers where u have them. I left there plate # as well he... read more

Opinions Costco in Warminster (18974)

Reviewed by Tim S.
I am writhing to warn you of Susan Quinn 1105 sacketsford rd cell 267 610 6010 she sell window treatments and that's not all she solicits sex if she can and she has. Yes she is a pro at deception. Lives 2 lives please research these alligatiions and this. Behavior and make warminster a. Safer place

Opinions Victoria's Secret in Garden City (11530)

Reviewed by Lisa G.
sales people accused me of stealing because i walked in with a medium size bag. they need to relax ,they are rude and nasty. i said check my bag to the older salesperson who said she would call security, i mak emore money then her ,i really need to steal lotions and sprays. i was falsely accused by the black... read more

Opinions Victoria's Secret in Omaha (68118)

Reviewed by Danielle F.
Pretty upset. Just left this store and it wasn't horribly busy. Got let into a dressing room where I had a lady helping me. I was waiting for her to bring back a few options and heard her tend to at least two other rooms before getting back to me. I was in there for 10 to 15 minutes. Someone... read more

Opinions Best Buy in Dublin (43016)

Reviewed by Steven J.
Horrible, just tried every option to get somebody to answer the phone, tried for 40 minutes, just spend 3200 last Saturday, and trying to pay 800 more , not sure , I think I will drive 45 minutes to the store & just get my money back , because if they cant answer the phone , how is there's of... read more

Opinions Costco in Vallejo (94591)

Reviewed by Dorcus E.
called about air conditioner , was transferred , they hung up on me , tried to call back they would not answer the phone , tried 3 times , they just let it ring , my unit went out , dad had heart attack & is home heat wave coming, dangerous situation trying to get resolved before a disaster happens... read more

Opinions Journeys in Billings (59102)

Reviewed by Deborah S.
Worst place for shoes go anywhere else

Opinions Walmart in Bayonne (07002)

Reviewed by Dan S.
How much is sales tax at your store?

Opinions Rue21 in Lockport (14094)

Reviewed by Annmarie S.
Drove all the way out here from Grand Island. HORRIBLE NON EXISTENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Not even a hello. Someone needs a refresher course on how to treat customers. I even said, out loud, in front of them, what horrible customer service. manager was useless. I'm sorry this isn't a high end snooty store so stop acting this way. trashy clothes.... read more

Opinions Walmart in Framingham (01701)

Reviewed by Lorraine W.
why doesn't someone answer the phone at theFramingham store?

Opinions Macy's in Flint (48507)

Reviewed by Rick L.
Today I was in your store in the Mens suit dept. The service I received from 2 associates Zack and another associate with RED hair was UNACCEPTABLE the lady should be FIRED all she did is COMPLAIN about Macys and HOW HARD they are working her as she is telling this to her coworker Zack and he listening forgot to... read more

Opinions Kendall iphone repair in Miami (33193)

Reviewed by Jon M.
amazing place to get iphone screen repair done

Opinions Walmart in Minot (58701)

Reviewed by Cindy S.
Do you have the Margaritaville bikes in stock? we are planning on coming to Minot from Regina in Oct and just want to make sure you have a couple in stock.

Opinions Bashas' in Flagstaff (86001)

Reviewed by Michael H.
So, my wife purchased some chicken that was on sale... a Manager's special. When we got home, the chicken was spoiled and smelled absolutely horrible. Clearly it would make someone sick if they were to eat it. We called Bashas' to let them know what had happened and were unable to get a manager on the phone. The cashier that... read more

Opinions Costco in San Francisco (94103)

Reviewed by Mona J.
I am new customer. Do you have visting pass.

Opinions Walmart in White Plains (10601)

Reviewed by Duffy J.
I try to bring back walmart soda cans and the machines were broken? i now have too many to return at once.all bought at walmart

Opinions Statesman Journal in Salem (97301)

Reviewed by LAURA S.
Our paper is constantly late. We use to get our paper every day between 5-5:30am., now it gets here when it gets here. I have the same delivery person so I know it's not him. What gives you just raised your rates.

Opinions RadioShack in Long Beach (90806)

Reviewed by Keith D.
With all the Radio Shack closures it will be wonderful to actually walk in and pick up the items I desire.

Opinions Kendall iphone repair in Miami (33193)

Reviewed by John M.
great place

Opinions Domino's in Naugatuck (06770)

Reviewed by Julie D.
I was very upset and dissappointed in Domino's pizza. We know now how there paying for there new make over. NOW INSTEAD OF MIN ORDER BEING $10 LIKE IR IS EVERTWHERE ELES . NO DOMINO'S PUT THERE MIN CHARGE UP TO $12 FOR DELIVERY. I WANTED THE MARBLED BROWNIE WHICH IS $6.99 I ASKED IF THEY WOULD DELIVER IF I... read more

Opinions Walmart in Oneonta (13820)

Reviewed by Cornelis V.
We appreciated the attentive, courteous and professional service in setting up a prepaid phone for our two European guests by Ms Wesley in the tech/entertainment dept.

Opinions Costco in Lawrence (11559)

Reviewed by Arman B.
So i purchased a set of tires at you store. I recently went to get my car inspection, an d was told the the tires were tried dry rot. So i took thr car back to you tire center and they acknowledged the prblem as not thet server., but couldn't do anything until the manager is in. Of course before... read more

Opinions GNC in Cleveland (44144)

Reviewed by David B.
I love shopping at the Ridgepark Square, because the management and staff are always helpful in assisting customers with all of nutritional needs.

Opinions Best Buy in San Jose (95118)

Reviewed by Darius F.
Bad bad repair services. I got my lap top repaired there, and it broke back in one day. I called the Geek Squad, part of Best Buy. I wait on line for 15 minutes, no one picked up the phone. I will never go back there.

Opinions Albertsons in Santa Fe (87501)

Reviewed by Bread R.
DO NOT GO TO THIS STORE IF YOU WANT THE CASHIERS TO TALK BAD ABOUT YOU IN FRONT OF OTHER PEOPLE WHEN YOU TURN AROUND! Poor service and shelves are never restocked. Rudest store I've ever been to.

Opinions Finish Line in Norman (73072)

Reviewed by Lily S.
The employees are rude

Opinions Finish Line in Norman (73072)

Reviewed by Lily S.
The employees are rude

Opinions Costco in East Hanover (07936)

Reviewed by Ellen B.
I LOVE Costco!! Great Deals At Good Prices.

Opinions Best Buy in Duarte (91010)

Reviewed by SANCHEZ A.

Opinions RadioShack in Jefferson (44047)

Reviewed by Scott F.
RadioShack has filed bankruptcy and procedures has changed. RadioShack no longer carry parts, have a repair department, not able to assist in returns/refunds and do not have the capabilities to issue copy of past receipts

Opinions Walmart in Moreno Valley (92555)

Reviewed by Marleny C.
Buying on line to pick up at Moreno Valley Calif Wal-Mart.

Opinions Kmart in Berwick (18603)

Reviewed by Kelsey A.
Extremely disappointed with the customer service. They had all of their tote isle in the wrong places. And refused to match the price it was under...

Opinions Costco in Yakima (98903)

Reviewed by JackiSimone E.
When calling store's customer service to inquire about a product in store, I received courteous and expedient service. I was very impressed!

Opinions Rainbow in Pittsburgh (15218)

Reviewed by Sandra B.
This store is closed .. Why is it still listed as an option... it should forward customers to the Penn Hills store or Wilni sburg store

Opinions Albertsons in Lafayette (70506)

Reviewed by Pat M.
Went to store about 9:30 or 10 morning of Aug 4. At a store that size only one cashier. If I ever go back and see one cashier again I will leave and never go back
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