801 customer reviews

Opinions Best Buy in Terre Haute (47802)

Reviewed by Richard H.
called twice each time was placed on hold for over six min's

Opinions Walmart in Calais (04619)

Reviewed by Susan M.
On 12th May, my mom, sister and I were visiting from New Brunswick and my mother lost her wallet after making a few purchases. The staff kicked into high gear to locate the wallet which was eventually found. The staff, including management and security were so helpful and kind that I wanted to convey our most grateful and sincere gratitude.... read more

Opinions Albertsons in Lakeside (92040)

Reviewed by Harding L.
Went shopping today, there were no carts on either side of the entrance doors, there were no little baskets in the store. I had to find someone to get a basket. Once shopping the deli only had 1 person working a 3 customers deep. I ordered grilled chicken ( once home , it was dried out and too hard to... read more

Opinions Chico's in Lincolnshire (60069)

Reviewed by Wilson B.
I made a HUGE error by inputting one star when Chico's in Lincolnshire should have a 5 STAR rating. Susan is the reason I shop @ Chico's and deserves a 5 STAR RATING.????????????????????

Opinions Chico's in Lincolnshire (60069)

Reviewed by Wilson B.
I only shop @ Chico's and Susan @ Lincolnshire location always helps me w my selections. I might not shop for 6 months, but when I walk in she says "Hi Barbara. I receive catalog monthly and rip out pages of items I want to try on and she is so helpful. If I need a different size she gladly... read more

Opinions Kmart in Clifton Heights (19018)

Reviewed by Jane D.
This store is a joke! On a Sunday afternoon they have one cashier working. There are three people at the c;ustomer service desk and they will not help any one. No wonder the Kmarts are closing.

Opinions Dairy Queen in Slidell (70458)

Reviewed by Haskins D.
I am at work so I had to pay a driver to get our food and we didn't get all the food we ordered and every number on receipt and online is wrong! very upset!

Opinions Buckle in Orem (84097)

Reviewed by C A.
This store is HORRIBLE without Brian. He was always the most friendly and helpful employee at the store. I would go to Buckle only when Brian was working because he was great. Cassie that works there is a complete bitch. She is very catty and rude. I've heard her gossip to the other employees about customers or other coworkers. I... read more

Opinions Barnes & Noble in Carle Place (11514)

Reviewed by ELANA T.
Best store best stsff my 2nd home best stotytime wed and thur at 10am

Opinions Best Buy in Kalispell (59901)

Reviewed by Ellen N.
I have been on hold for 20 minutes 752-1300, really.... CSI ????

Opinions Costco in Spartanburg (29301)

Reviewed by Seay J.
Trying to call store all numbers have been disconnected???????????????

Opinions Costco in Commack (11725)

Reviewed by Thomas T.
My wife and I have been shopping Costco Commack since it opened. Lately due to the up surge in drinking bottle water the return process for recycle is the pits. There are only three machines for plastic bottles, one for cans and one for glass. I waited on line almost a half hour to use a plastic machine. People who... read more

Opinions Logo For Work in Boca Raton (33433)

Reviewed by Melody G.
Steve was the absolute best ! The logo was done in record time , they revised it as much as I needed them too with no complaints and their logo helped launch my new business . There was great communication and I am very pleased with the services I received. The price could not have been better! I am ever... read more

Opinions Costco in Lehi (84043)

Reviewed by Rebecca H.
Dear Costco, I spent the day with my mom in the ER on the 13th of May. While there I broke my glasses that I had to have to finish sewing Mothers Day gifts for the next day. I was in such a hurry earlier in the day that I forgot my wallet. I knew I had to get my... read more

Opinions Costco in Santa Maria (93454)

Reviewed by Denise M.
I have been a customer for many years. I belive you treat your dedicated employees well. However I wish you would consider providing seating for sales people on the floor standing for extended periods of time is taxing especially if they have foot issues. It could be made to look professional and they would be more chipper if they were... read more

Opinions Costco in Manassas (20109)

Reviewed by Rob S.
Patty the cashier is rude unprofessional as well as the front White male manager is unprofessional disrespectful and uncaring for the customers

Opinions Albertsons in Las Vegas (89147)

Reviewed by Vaness E.
Management treat employees without any respect, in a very degrading manner. Employees should be pulled out in private. Cashiers are very rude, racist. Management and cashier's yell at each other in front of the customers. Very unprofessional... The whole store smells bad. The quality is terrible.

Opinions Cici's Pizza in Mesa (85204)

Reviewed by Maryann W.
We come here all the time but didn't like it this time. They changed to plastic silverware that the spoon is too small for the soup. The glasses and soup bowls are no longer as they were. Now they are disposable. Too much change plus the prices increased again. The fork can hardly pick up the salad plus the pizza... read more

Opinions Lids in Novi (48377)

Reviewed by Jeff S.
Omg sign on door says back in 15 min or less. Well over an hour later no sign of anyone! 2-3pm what gives here. Major fail.

Opinions Kmart in Kokomo (46901)

Reviewed by Sharon W.
Your service desk people are inconsiderate and not savvy to online information. I asked how to buy in line they had no idea. They should no something about buying online. Very upset. I wanted to buy a trampoline for my grandson.

Opinions Albertsons in Grants Pass (97527)

Reviewed by Haley F.
I work for Albertsons. I simply want to help out a customer as he comes in a lot, he wanted to know why we dont carry regular Colby cheese. I looked up our brands and cant find one that carries it. I hope someone sees this and maybe we can have that kind of cheese some time (: I will... read more

Opinions Cici's Pizza in Kyle (78640)

Reviewed by Kathey H.
Hello, I am writing to request a donation of 25 to 40 $5 gift cards to play at your Cici in Kyle, TX. The reason for the request is our church Hays Hills Baptist is hosting a large summer camp for children in June. We expect 200-250 children to come for an entire week. During the camp we have contest... read more

Opinions Victoria's Secret in South Portland (04106)

Reviewed by Hanson C.
I'm out if state and just called to purchase a gift card for in-store pick up for a best friends bday and was told I can't do that. Even though I've purchased an actual gift before for in-store pick up. In this day and age? Really?

Opinions Journeys in Anchorage (99515)

Reviewed by Wilson L.
I will never shop there again.

Opinions Albertsons in Boise (83713)

Reviewed by Evan H.
This place is awful. I submitted a survey to management two months ago, just to let them know that they were consistently out of stock on many staple groceries that we usually pick up, as well as having several products across the store being expired, and I never received any feedback from anyone. In the survey, I *did* mention that... read more

Opinions GNC in Plaistow (03865)

Reviewed by Deborah C.
Great experience this morning. I went to purchase several varieties of protein bars and GU products. Sales person was very helpful in recommending some new products as I have a nut allergy. The sales persons notified me at the check-out that I purchased a lemon cake protein bar vs the plain in the past. She saved me getting the wrong... read more

Opinions Albertsons in Boise (83713)

Reviewed by Alicia M.
4/28/17 - I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to Maryam, your florist, she is absolutely amazing. While out of town, I found out that my neighbor had passed away and his funeral services were going to be held during my time out of town. Maryam was able to take my order and information over the phone.... read more

Opinions Old Cars Removed in Melbourne (32904)

Reviewed by Harrydoughlas D.
Few days back, i was so confused to sale my old junked car. Friend of mine told me about OLD CARS REMOVED, I called them up and they instantly revert me back. They pay me a good amount. Highly recommended!

Opinions Dairy Queen in Westborough (01581)

Reviewed by Kenyon C.
Is Dairy Queen allowed to close whenever they feel like it? I walked over to the Dairy Queen since I live in the area and there were two girls cleaning up inside. The website says they close at 10 but the girls said "We decided to close at 9:30" when I looked at my watch it was 9:28 in which... read more

Opinions Costco in Santa Rosa (95407)

Reviewed by Amelia B.
Trying to contact customer service. Called the number listed and there is no selection for customer service. I live in Lake County and don't often drive to Santa Rosa, Can you provide customer Service number, I have a question on a purchase I made.

Opinions Braum's in Sallisaw (74955)

Reviewed by Gwen C.
I have a complaint. I visited Braums in Sallisaw (store # 213) this morning and ordered 1 hot cake, when I ordered 1 hot cake before it was thick, huge and fresh, but this morning it was like stale, flat and small....my order #515507, time 6:18:26am. I still love getting my tea there, it's always delicious.

Opinions Target in Gilroy (95020)

Reviewed by John D.
My experience may be unique, but from a customer service ball was dropped. I was searching for a TV and came across a sale on a Samsung marked to 399.99. When I asked for the details, the Target rep took the tag away and said the TV was actually 599.99. The tag was clearly marked for the Samsung TV, so... read more

Opinions Costco in Santa Rosa (95407)

Reviewed by Elizabeth L.
trying to reach the tire center at santa rosa store by phone and no answer at normal hours. want to know if I need an appointment to rotate tires. can you let me know?

Opinions GNC in Waycross (31501)

Reviewed by Timothy K.
Do yall carry something to help with erictions helping u cum

Opinions Costco in Prescott (86301)

Reviewed by Mary T.
Since Costco changed to Citi Visa, it just isn't the same. Now I received a notice that membership costs are rising. What a shame!

Opinions Walmart in Merrillville (46410)

Reviewed by Shirley S.
Horrible Walmart! There's not enough help to ring up purchases. They don't have enough item selection in groceries. I've seen customers fighting in the store, which is dangerous. Management needs to address these issues and improve the store. This store is extremely busy on the weekend, and very busy the rest of the time. I avoid shopping this store.

Opinions Kmart in Rocky Mount (27804)

Reviewed by John A.
it was too sad that k-mart closed , ill like to contact terry Jackson the manager from when I work there as a 7-11 , it was a fun place to work -I hope kmart can come back and be a strong force again --I work in all area of the rocky mount nc k mart , lay away ,... read more

Opinions Finish Line in Okemos (48864)

Reviewed by Burlison J.
Awful service. Wore my shoes once and wanted to return then and they didn't take them back. Brand new

Opinions Zumiez in Ventura (93003)

Reviewed by Samantha P.
Zumiez in Ventura isn't a place to shop once you like something and debating whether to get it & come multiple times workers will soon stereotype you in the future. After a while workers start treating customers very rude. I've asked to see some shoes and they were taking their time and I had to wait 20 mins after I... read more

Opinions Dairy Queen in Keego Harbor (48320)

Reviewed by Claudette J.
Worse service ever tonight, girl was very rude. I will not visit that DQ ever again.

Opinions Kmart in Peachtree City (30269)

Reviewed by David G.
Tried to exchange a 7 dollar shirt yesterday, was informed that with no receipt it was not possible. The shirt was a gift from my 25 year old son, I just wanted a xl instead of a large, the shirt still had the tags attached, so I have to asked him for a gift receipt to complete the exchange. Again... read more

Opinions Kmart in Big Bear Lake (92315)

Reviewed by Michael K.
Attempting to buy stove-dishwasher-fridge, but have questions re delivery, install & removal. Multiple calls resulted in call transfer w/no music, just total silence & no response whatsoever. Final call was made asking if Store Appliance Associate could call me back; result was I was transferred to total silence once more. Is it any wonder K-Mart/Sears is in such dire straights?... read more

Opinions Best Buy in Portland (97217)

Reviewed by Carolyn D.
I am trying to reach you by phone to let you know I've been ill and unable to pick up my order # 1117093284603. I received telling me this item will be returned to stock...please do not return it to stock. I should be able to pick it up by Friday, April 21. I have been on hold (phone) for... read more

Opinions Kmart in Desert Hot Springs (92240)

Reviewed by Stacy H.
The store manager there sucks hes rude to the employees and a complete dick.

Opinions Kmart in Port Huron (48060)

Reviewed by John S.
Kmart is an excellent store to shop in. The service is friendly and when you leave they remind you about upcoming discounts and special sales days. I haven't been to the store in port huron for years but i heard they moved. Is this true?

Opinions PetSmart in Alabaster (35007)

Reviewed by Lily V.
4/13/17 - PetSmart in Alabaster, Alabama The gentleman who asked me if I needed help happened to be the manager. I never caught his name, but he went above and beyond regular expectations of helping his customer. I could not be more pleased nor surprised.

Opinions Kmart in Conway (29526)

Reviewed by Deborah C.
I usually love Kmart. Today I was very disappointed. I stood in line for 15 minutes. I was at the register waiting to pay for my purchase. Apparently the system went down but the cashier never uttered a word to explain. Just stood there. Not to mention the temperature in the store. It is always hot in there.

Opinions GNC in Lake Oswego (97035)

Reviewed by Alesa P.
Store hours posted was 10:00-7:00pm. I was there at 10:00am and waited until 10:30 and still no employees to open the store. Called at noon and still no answer or employees... very strange.... I had to drive to another GNC to make my purchases.

Opinions Dairy Queen in Mukwonago (53149)

Reviewed by Rose K.
Blizzards are good, but they can't seem to get them all mixed up! The top third is solid candy and plain ice cream on the bottom :(. I even asked when I ordered to make sure it was mixed up. This is not a one-time thing. It is all the time. We get blizzards almost once a month.

Opinions Walmart in Eastlake (44095)

Reviewed by THOMAS R.
Yes very disappointed I spend a lot of money at this store groceries, plus prescriptions every month totaling about $2500 a month , well I'm transferring all prescriptions and my shopping to Giant Eagle and you can thank that all to Derrick nite manager of Eastlake ,Ohio , Walmart

Opinions Walmart in Turlock (95380)

Reviewed by Phillip T.
Pissed off ,,called last night to make appointment for oil change ,they don't take appointments first come first serve arrived at 7am walked around for an hour came back saw another vehicle in my spot !! They said it was from yesterday's problem...how is that my problem ??!!

Opinions Petco in Burnsville (55337)

Reviewed by Carla B.
First thing my husband and I noticed upon entering the store was the smell. The litter boxes for the adoption cats were filthy and so was the litter box for the one rabbit the store had. They were not busy so I do not know why they could not find time to clean the boxes.

Opinions Kmart in Grand Forks (58201)

Reviewed by Kalirosealie V.
I love the grandforks kmart store,but they have such unpleasant cashiers,&the ones I don't like going in their line are,Alice,she's crabby&Ann she never smiles or says high&these two employees are so unpleasant.I always try to avoid going in their line if it can be helped.

Opinions Kmart in Oscoda (48750)

Reviewed by Russ K.
Kmart cashier from hale mi very rude would not get manager to fix clothes rack and would not ring clothes up at.sale prices Kmart needs new managers and cashiers 4/6/17 at 6 pm

Opinions Albertsons in Keller (76244)

Reviewed by Shana B.
On 3/24/17 I wanted to get a cookie cake decorated for my daughter. I had initially gone to Kroger on Beach because it was closer to me, but the ladies in the bakery were not helpful and one even said she was about to get off work. When I walked into Albertson's the manager Bret greeted me almost immediately and... read more

Opinions Costco in Commack (11725)

Reviewed by Joseph R.
Can we go back to the Kirkland Brand K-Cups Medium Breakfast Blend. The light is to light and for some the bold is to strong. The medium was great and it doesn't seem to be carried anymore

Opinions RadioShack in Mooresville (46158)

Reviewed by B. P.
I totally agree with the above comment...Will not answer phone.

Opinions Steak 'n Shake in Ocala (34470)

Reviewed by Deanna D.
We were there Sunday at 11am. Ordered 2 burgers and fries. It took 48 minutes to receive our burgers and they weren't correct. Horrible experience.

Opinions Walmart in Kapolei (96707)

Reviewed by Lori S.
Please,yes it's gr eat to see if a customer could be approached.Into seeing if they'll need any services.

Opinions Walmart in Hibbing (55746)

Reviewed by Armand H.
There is no reason a person should have to wait 45 min just to get checked out. With 24 checkout and only 3 open at a time is redickulious.
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