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Opinions Target in Apex (27502)

Reviewed by Dianne D.
Super Target manager declines to deal with condom in parking lot. My husband and I walked toward the Super Target in Apex NC and spotted a used condom on the parking lot. Worried that a toddler might pick it up and put in their mouth I went to the customer service and told the young man where it was and... read more

Opinions GNC in Central Islip (11722)

Reviewed by John B.
Nothing but great things to say. Extremely helpful and knowledgeable about every supplement, that fit my nutritional needs.

Opinions Walmart in London (40741)

Reviewed by Sandra P.
Just wanted to know if 12000 btu air conditioner in stock. Got transferred all over store, nobody ever picked up, nobody could just go to shelf and look if in stock. Really!

Opinions Walgreens in Sierra Vista (85635)

Reviewed by Lorie R.
The main manager is a real jerk the older lady with long hair and glasses don't know what she is doing sometimes she didn't subtract so I could pay with my credit card only the amount I owed they acted like they couldn't do that iam never going there again they were rude to me .YOU F""K YOU ALL.

Opinions Costco in Beltsville (20705)

Reviewed by Sara H.
I received " TRUE " customer service from one of your Mgrs." Tony " today Thursday July 20, around 13:45 p.m.He went right to the Computer and verified what I knew about the item NOT being in stock as of THAT DATE. I retuned from Maine around that DATE. He explained that " THAT " was the last date COSTCO... read more

Opinions GNC in San Antonio (78230)

Reviewed by Molina K.
Julio was extremely helpful & knowledgeable! He went above & beyond in explaining supplements & healthy eating habits! He was awesome! GNC needs more people like Julio!!!

Opinions Rainbow in Minneapolis (55425)

Reviewed by Fihima S.
I liked this store even thought I didn't work there but seem cool store for me .

Opinions Phase Shift Digital Marketing in Vancouver (98684)

Reviewed by Brandon J.
Does great SEO work.

Opinions Stop & Shop in Woodbury (11797)

Reviewed by Mary S.
I went to Stop and Shop in Woodbury to recycle as I normally do at that location before I shop and the recycling room was a disgrace.Filthy floor,plastic bags all over the place and trash overflowing.I know when' Antoine word,Ed there the room was kept orderly.Obviously he no longer works there.I went to customer service to complain and a young... read more

Opinions Costco in Melville (11747)

Reviewed by Anna Y.
Salad from food court is getting bad.spoiled green

Opinions BonWorth in North Fort Myers (33917)

Reviewed by Priscilla M.
I bought 4 pairs of slacks and 2 blouses in the Sanibel Outlet on Summerlin Road, Fort Myers, FL. I just love everything I bought and will continue to shop at BonWorth stores. I rate it a 5 stat

Opinions Costco in Sunnyvale (94086)

Reviewed by Nina H.
This store wasn't purpose built for Costo, so depts. are set up a little differently, but it's a great location, very convenient. Personnel very helpful, but I try to stay away at "peak" times, it can get very crowdef.

Opinions Atwoods in Poteau (74953)

Reviewed by Belinda B.
The young girl at the register was rude, no smile, absolutely no personality, and had no business working with people. If she continues to work there she needs to be in the stockroom or cleaning the toilets as her job performance is completely crappy.

Opinions Zumiez in Roseville (95678)

Reviewed by Christy C.
Best customer service ever! My daughter left her bank card on the counter. Jake found us in another store (he heard where we were going) and returned it. I highly recommend this location due to Jake????

Opinions Walmart in Valley Stream (11581)

Reviewed by Leon B.Phipps P.
I went on line and fill out employment application,and taken the assessment test and passed. Please confirm that you received my information and let me know when I can expect to hear from you. Thank uou!

Opinions McGeorge's Rolling Hills RV in Ashland (23005)

Reviewed by Shayna C.
I don't leave online reviews typically but in this case I need to let you know...do not buy from here and do not bring your rv here to be serviced! We bought our first camper here last year and immediately the floor rotted out when my husband stepped on it. They did replace the floor for us which we thought... read more

Opinions McGeorge's Rolling Hills RV in Ashland (23005)

Reviewed by Shayna C.
I don't leave online reviews typically but in this case I need to let you know...do not buy from here and do not bring your rv here to be serviced! We bought our first camper here last year and immediately the floor rotted out when my husband stepped on it. They did replace the floor for us which we thought... read more

Opinions Best Buy in Canton (44720)

Reviewed by Tammy A.
I've been trying to get a hold of a warm body to talk to, all I get is recordings. I'm wondering if you take used cell phones for recycling. My job collected some and the guy who was suppose to take them, he isn't doing it anymore.

Opinions Kmart in Ellenton (34222)

Reviewed by Ashley B.
when i was buying colored pen for my daughter (8.99 a piece) the charged me for 3 boxes when i only bought 1! i do not recommend shopping here. not to mention its all overpriced.

Opinions GNC in Fort Myers (33901)

Reviewed by Nereyda D.
Good. Products

Opinions Lids in Merrillville (46410)

Reviewed by Joe C.
**YOU HAVE TO READ THIS ABOUT LIDS STORE** For custom orders HELL NO!!! Reasons why: 1) absolutely none of the hats on display are made by lids, they're professionally done by someone else. The embroidery cannot be matched by Lids, not even close!! 2) none of the staff are experienced in embroidery nor are they very familiar with the custom... read more

Opinions Walmart in Appomattox (24522)

Reviewed by Nun ya N.
Need to lower there prices

Opinions Classic Cycling in Salisbury (28144)

Reviewed by Green A.
Giordana FR-C Bib Shorts Black is the best at this price. Very comfortable overall, fit true to size. I am 5 feet 9 inches, 163 lbs. And toned. This bib short has a compression like material and very comfortable. Has a thicker pad that is ideal for long rides and wide straps that lay flat on the shoulders. Certainly ago... read more

Opinions Walmart in Siler City (27344)

Reviewed by Napier S.
Normally i like shopping at the walmart in siler city but today was a bad experience. I wanted to buy some fabric to make curtains but no one would help me. They sent page after page and still no one one came so i gave up after 30 minutes of waiting then when i said something to the cashier about... read more

Opinions Popeyes in Fort Benning (31905)

Reviewed by P C.
I have never gone through the drive through without them messing the order up somehow. It's ridiculous. And I wouldn't call it fast food, 25 minutes in the drive through and they still can't get an order right.

Opinions Citi Trends in Minneapolis (55407)

Reviewed by Mursal M.
I would like to work in city trends

Opinions Citi Trends in Minneapolis (55407)

Reviewed by Mursal M.
I would like to work in city terends

Opinions Kmart in Tualatin (97062)

Reviewed by Williams N.
Tualatin KMart is now a Cabellas Update the internet.

Opinions Atwoods in Nacogdoches (75965)

Reviewed by Kaitlyn M.
Terrible customer service. The woman who seemed to be the manager was very rude and acts annoyed when being asked questions. Couldn't see her name on her name tag but it looks to begin with a 'J'. They are willing to sell damaged furniture (legs of sofa falling off) at full price. Not to mention the massive amounts of crumbs... read more

Opinions Costco in Bozeman (59718)

Reviewed by Morton M.
I recently went to the tire department in Bozeman. I had previously bought winter tires there and was very satisfied. I had what I thought was a slow leak in one tire so I went it to check it out. They found a nail and fixed it and checked all the tires in under 90 minutes. Their attitude was excellent... read more

Opinions Target in Glen Allen (23059)

Reviewed by Anonymous A.
The management team as a whole is very disrespectful,they treat the employees like they are not worth anything. Little do they know the most employees there are in school getting a career and will be making way more money than are. But I'm just here to report the management team as a whole is very disrespectful and I absolutely hate... read more

Opinions Best Buy in Portland (97220)

Reviewed by Nenettche M.
hi, I'm Nenettche Mercader, we bought IPHONE7 dated april 24, 2017 at 10:38 am with reference number 70010380152838..Debit Card in the name of Nila Janson. I have a problem with my IPHONE7 is locked. But I don't know what netnork gonna lock with this IPHONE. please help I'm leaving here in the Philippines.

Opinions RadioShack in Greenwood (46142)

Reviewed by Elizabeth B.

Opinions Barnes & Noble in North Wales (19454)

Reviewed by Boi C.
NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Nintendo eshop codessssss but OK y'know 80% b's are great but aren't bad nnnnniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice a Starbucks i almost wanna give em an a- gggggoooooooooooooooooooooddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd job okay i'm just given them an a+ cuz i'm nice today

Opinions Citi Trends in Pensacola (32534)

Reviewed by Deborah A.
Bad service needed to use restroom buying scrubs could not use it

Opinions Petco in Vernal (84078)

Reviewed by Amanda S.
I have been very disappointed in what I have recieved when buying fish from this store. In the last 24 hours I have bought 3 fish from them. Two of them have since died. After the first died I returned it to the store and asked for a refund in some way. I recieved poor customer service while at this... read more

Opinions Citi Trends in Minneapolis (55407)

Reviewed by Mursal M.
I love to work CityTrendy

Opinions Rainbow in Columbia (29210)

Reviewed by Jessica D.
The prices are great. The clothes are cute. My only problem with this store is that a few of the employees are mean and nasty for no reason. My friend wanted to show me the store, since i had never been there before. Everything was fine. An employee asked if we were getting everything in our hands. We replied yes... read more

Opinions Dairy Queen in Grants Pass (97527)

Reviewed by Karla T.
Went to DQ last night to get 2 royal ultimate blizzards. I had a 2 mile trip home and by the time I got there I had 2 large cups of chocolate soup along with the cup holders in the car full of chocolate soup mess. turned around and took them straight back. Where one of the employees copped an... read more

Opinions Datasparc Inc. in Suwanee (30024)

Reviewed by Tejas A.
DB Hawk offered by Datasparc is fabulous, fast, and easy to use. The various features offered makes working with databases fun, especially the sql server create table helps me to save time. Keep up the great work guys!!!

Opinions DesiClik.com in Hicksville (11801)

Reviewed by Tejas A.
I purchased men wear for a family member and after trying out the following is my honest feedback. The design and color is just the same, as shown in the pics. The fabric is cotton . The size is as per standard size.

Opinions Kmart in Hyannis (02601)

Reviewed by Jeff H.
One of the only "good" kmarts left.

Opinions Albertsons in Port Orchard (98367)

Reviewed by ANGELA HOWARD H.
370 se sedgwick road. Ya. My name is Angela Howard. Im a disabled cancer patient. , and i was just harrassed by a young check out girl, and by the Ugly Bald Asshole Manager, named Chris J.. The fucking police were called on me because i took too long in the public store restroom to change my bloody diaper. Ya.... read more

Opinions Costco in Santa Clara (95050)

Reviewed by Marinucci S.
Trying to reach your hearing aid center and having no luck. They aren't answering their phones or returning calls right away.

Opinions Denny's in Vernal (84078)

Reviewed by Samantha H.
I have been to Tia Dennys only a handful of time and always had a bad experience. My last visit came as a surprise are waitress Heather sugar order I ordered a chicken avocado Caesars salad she came back this is you mamas later to inform is that they did not have any Caesar dressing up or is this irritated... read more

Opinions Albertsons in Surprise (85374)

Reviewed by Mattie H.
This is one of the most friendly store around. There remodel is done and I have to admire the employees for there durability and patience with everything going on and cranky customers. They really went the distance to make it easy for us the customer. Thank you CJ and your crew

Opinions Albertsons in Midland (79703)

Reviewed by Earl D.
Tall City Classic Basketball Tournament June 16 - 18, 2017 Midland, Texas To Whom it May Concern: My name is Earl Davis the Director and Founder of the Annual Tall City Classic Basketball Tournament. This will be the 21st year I have hosted the Tall City Classic Basketball Tournament in Midland, Texas. The Tournament started out as a ten team... read more

Opinions Kmart in Clifton Heights (19018)

Reviewed by Brendan C.
kmart is so depressing and they suck

Opinions RadioShack in Flagstaff (86004)

Reviewed by Reuben W.
W here is my LB

Opinions Dairy Queen in Granger (46530)

Reviewed by Richard F.
Ordered a large Shake and a regular comb ever got a straw never got a spoon call back nobody really cared won't be back

Opinions Walmart in Glenpool (74033)

Reviewed by Renee E.
I was at Glenpool Walmart yesterday it's Big wasn't very busy .A few employees were helpful other two really didn't listen to me.I never been there before

Opinions Costco in Santa Cruz (95060)

Reviewed by Virginia Y.
I just called and WS put on hold for 10 minutes. I had questions about membership. Oh well.

Opinions Dairy Queen in Connersville (47331)

Reviewed by Dickie S.
Been treated extremely rude at the drive through 2 times in the evening.

Opinions Kmart in Atascadero (93422)

Reviewed by April K.
I hate you guys!!

Opinions Costco in Manahawkin (08050)

Reviewed by Kristi P.
I was just at the Manahawkin store at around 3:00pm today. While I was waiting in line to pay, a very rude man came up behind me and asked if I was in line. I replied "yes". He then said " well move up then" and made a gesture with his hand. I looked at the man I disbelief that... read more

Opinions Costco in Santa Cruz (95060)

Reviewed by Diana C.
My husband & I and our extended family have thouroughly enjoyed shopping at the Santa Cruz Costco for many years. We are particularly appreciative of Costco's helpful staff and the large selection of organic products at this facility. Unfortunately we were dismayed to find that Costco carries Bayer's Rose & Flower Care, containing the bee- killing agent "Neonicotinoid." Santa Cruz,... read more

Opinions Dairy Queen in Saint George (84770)

Reviewed by Monarch L.
Manager of the St George Utah location. I was visiting your restaurant today and I wasn't able to talk with the managment about a young man working the register whom assisted me. I didn't catch his name but he was taller, blue eyes & his hair pulled back in a pony tail. What a charming fun full of life worker.... read more

Opinions Sally Beauty in Des Moines (50320)

Reviewed by Stacey H.
The manager is very knowledgeable and very sweet. She helps me everytime I am in there. I recommend asking her for help. She knows what she is doing. Great customer service. This is the one on SE 14th st Des Moines Ia.

Opinions Walmart in Deming (88030)

Reviewed by Ellie M.
Cashiers are all friendly

Opinions Best Buy in Terre Haute (47802)

Reviewed by Richard H.
called twice each time was placed on hold for over six min's
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