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Opinions Costco in Melville (11747)

Reviewed by MARTY H.

Opinions Albertsons in Scottsdale (85259)

Reviewed by Ann H.
Sent my husband to purchase mussels for a seafood pasta. The man behind the counter checked them one by one to be sure they were alive! I think the customer service at this store is above and beyond any grocery chain In the area. We just love it!!!

Opinions Cici's Pizza in North Richland Hills (76180)

Reviewed by Cindy C.
Brought my family in at 4:15 PM and there was no desserts. There was 1 pizza with 3 slices. I pan pizza with 3 slices. Nothing else. Only one cook and 1 cashier working. By 4:30pm they had our two fresh pizzas and 1 dessert. I would never come back or ever recommend this restaurant to anyone!!!!!

Opinions Popeyes in Richton Park (60471)

Reviewed by Patrick W.
Stay away from this store! The management is rude and the crew are confused running around without direction. If you want to get upset, go there if not STAY AWAY!!!!!!!

Opinions Walmart in Calexico (92231)

Reviewed by AnnaMaria B.
Trying to locate my Daughter in law Maria Hernandez married to Victor M Hernandez my name AnnaMaria G Bradley My phone 209-529-9735 She has been married to my son this year and lost her phone number she work for the Walmart Store for long time Please can you tell her to call me home be at home after 3:00 pm... read more

Opinions Costco in Hillsboro (97124)

Reviewed by Mary B.
I've been going to this Hearing center for many years, there was a guy Mike who was great, well he left and the new girl really didn't do a good job adjusting my hearing aids they ended up squealing a lot, I had to go back, and when I asked for wax guards she was reluctant to give them to... read more

Opinions Dairy Queen in Boonville (47601)

Reviewed by Jacob W.
I would not eat there unless u want things on your food that is not on any restaurants menu!!!!!! I now have to find out who is going to pay for my dentist bill!!! Im in So much pain from someone prank that's not funny at all but their employees!!!!!

Opinions Dairy Queen in Boonville (47601)

Reviewed by Jacob W.
2nd shift has fucked with my food 1 to many times I had black burnt hard burger chunks under my burger that was put there on purpose. Customers seen it and the night shift manger and she said no that should not be on there .. Now this is not the first time I've confronted her with issues with my... read more

Opinions Costco in Woodinville (98072)

Reviewed by T T.
Bring back the polish dogs. The regular hot dogs taste like crap

Opinions Best Buy in Kalispell (59901)

Reviewed by Brent K.
Getting a hold of a person to talk to and contact a salesperson is next to IMPOSSIBLE! What a poor way to get prospective customers to come to the store. I got tired of listening to a canned presentation and went elsewhere for my $2000.00 purchase. Will not be back.

Opinions Statesman Journal in Salem (97301)

Reviewed by Jean C.
Terrible! I did not get my paper on Sunday and tried from 8:30 - 9:05 to call in. The voice said you were open on Sunday's until 10:00. You need to change your information. Tried 3 different numbers to no success. I have cancelled the paper before because of this problem and about ready to do it again.

Opinions Walmart in Exton (19341)

Reviewed by Helene B.
Not answering telephone july 6th @1007am trying to see if store has cherry pitter in stock for me to pick up the phone has rung at least 35-50 times. i filled this out while waiting to No Avail

Opinions Rainbow in Youngstown (44515)

Reviewed by Barbara H.
Love this store wonderful selections for adults teens and children shopping there for years

Opinions Al's Formal Wear in Houston (77055)

Reviewed by Zachary C.
I had a great experience here. Traveled with my mom for her to look for a mother of the groom dress and then we came to Al’s Formal for my suit. The staff were so excellent and patient. They helped me and fitted me with the best suit to match my body type. It was such an awesome experience. I... read more

Opinions Al's Formal Wear in Houston (77055)

Reviewed by Tori G.
Al’s formal wear was phenomenal. The staffers gave me 100% full attention and made sure I was completely satisfied with my look. I tried on a few different styles and the staff was very attentive to me. They did not get aggravated or annoyed, it was a great experience.

Opinions Data Analyzers Data Recovery in Orlando (32801)

Reviewed by Richard J.
Data Analyzers Data Recovery Orlando is one of the best Data Recovery Service company in Orlando, FL, USA

Opinions Best Buy in Vestal (13850)

Reviewed by Sherry U.
Extremely disappointed needed to speak w/a knowledgeable rep about a TV and COULD NOT GET A PERSON ON THE PHONE ONLY PROMPTS and description of services. What's wrong w/this - everything!! Got necessary advice from another store and purchasing from them. Will avoid purchasing anything else from Best Buy.

Opinions Albertsons in Litchfield Park (85340)

Reviewed by Charlotte Kurtz K.
Great service from all employees and store very well maintained.Enjoyed my shopping experiences.

Opinions Get Massive USA CEO Mailing Database in Irving (75038)

Reviewed by Mohammad umar U.
for marketing purpose.

Opinions Costco in Eureka (95501)

Reviewed by JC H.
Why does employee named Scott take up two parking spaces in customer parking every day he works?? Parking lot was packed today, 6/18/18 @ 3pm and he has two spaces blocked by the far cart racks. WTF

Opinions Apple Wellness in Madison (53719)

Reviewed by Susan S.
I went In to this store with a pain level of 8. Im bone on bone both knees and hips. Because of the opiod. problem Drs are reluctant to write RXs for pain meds. Also my system does not do well with most pain meds so I showed up at the Fitchburg store seek help and I got it. I... read more

Opinions Best Buy in Texarkana (75503)

Reviewed by Castleberry B.
They never answer there phn tried on an off for 2 days

Opinions Dairy Queen in Colorado Springs (80907)

Reviewed by Marine D.
testtest test test test test test ;-)

Opinions Costco in Richmond (94804)

Reviewed by Richard Smith S.
I was trying to purchase Father’s Day gifts of the “Codigo 1530 3 pack” that I noticed in your store. My wife went to purchase 2 And couldn’t find any. Help in the store was not helpful. All I want to know is do you have it?

Opinions onlinegenericpill.com in Miami Beach (33139)

Reviewed by June noah N.
This website provide very fast service. Thank u

Opinions Albertsons in Dallas (75248)

Reviewed by Glenda T.

Opinions Costco in Santa Cruz (95060)

Reviewed by Samantha S.
My 71yr old Mother was soo excited about purchasing an outdoor fireplace at the Santa Cruz Costco yesterday, then on realizing that it wouldn't fit in her car she asked the check'out guy if she could pay for it with her other items and pick it up later that day with a truck, as there were only 2 of them... read more

Opinions Rainbow in Kansas City (66112)

Reviewed by Cheryl P.
I will never go into the Rainbow shop again! I felt very unwelcome my first time walking into it!! When I needed to return 2 pair of shoes, I was told the tag had to be attached,( the tag is held by a plastic tie that holds the shoes together) I explained that I had to take the tie and... read more

Opinions Dairy Queen in Michigan City (46360)

Reviewed by Shelia R.
Disgusted!! I pre-ordered a Reese cup blizzard cake 8 days in advance for my daughter birthday. Was SUPPOSED to be ready for pick up at noon today(5-29),I get there only to be told ...there's no cake!! The decorator never made!! I'm told they can have one made for me in 3 hours...yet the party is at 1pm!! NEVER offered a... read more

Opinions Best Buy in Portland (97217)

Reviewed by Lee C.
I’ve just spent 5 minutes on hold for the sales department. I called the geek squad and the person who answered said they get a high volume of calls and to just wait. I called agin and waited 17 minutes with no response. I then tried the extension for delivery and order status and just got more hold music. WTF?... read more

Opinions New York & Company in Rancho Cucamonga (91739)

Reviewed by Mendoza T.
Horrriable staff, horriable experience

Opinions Dairy Queen in Gassaway (26624)

Reviewed by Tim G.
The correct phone number is 304-678-2777

Opinions Albertsons in Albuquerque (87109)

Reviewed by Malcolm B.
yesterday I visited Albertsons located at Wyoming and San Antonio sts in Albuquerque. There were 4 shoppers in the store. On entry... one viewed pedestals and tables loaded with floral arrangements obviously displayed for sale on 'Mother's Day. I normally purchase my flowers for my wife weekly at Trader Joe's. Why was there not a sign for mark-down of perhaps... read more

Opinions Costco in Hillsboro (97124)

Reviewed by Timothy M.
I am disappointed in the tire center, I have a leaking tire (bead, valve,?) and needed it fixed and also have my tires rotated. I bought my truck tires at the Warrenton Costco. After a few hours wait they told me they could not rotate my tires due to the condition of my front tires (wear on outside edges). They... read more

Opinions Costco in Westbury (11590)

Reviewed by Carolyn J.
Please put the dates that you have fresh fish and shellfish. Your menu does not list the meat dept. or the sales calendar.

Opinions Walmart in Linden (07036)

Reviewed by Anita J.
Its been two days I've being trying to reached customer service and was unable to get someone to pick up the phone, I let it ring for ten minutes no kidding,so I would like to know how long do I have to let it ring before someone answer. Is there a direct line for the Human Resources Dept.

Opinions Costco in Everett (98208)

Reviewed by Ava V.
You can return anything, for any reason at costco.i do not see anyone,for the most part neglecting this perk,so we buy anything n everything there.we know that is something goes wrong with what we buy there is not a hassle in returning. I really don't think everything is cheaper than other stores,but as i said,the return policy is the best.

Opinions Greenfield Research Chem in New York City (10001)

Reviewed by Travis S.
Scam they stole 300

Opinions Sentry North Garage Doors in Spring (77386)

Reviewed by Garage D.
garage doors, garage door repair, commercial garage doors, garage door openers, garage door opener repair

Opinions Chicago SEO Expert in Chicago (60607)

Reviewed by Alena W.
Hello Stores-Locator, My name is Alena and I have an experience with guest post/bloggers outreaching. I have a successful and established bloggers' network. By guest posting, you can get an editorial link, which is one of the best links to help you in pulling your website rank higher. Guest posting on quality Blog sites provides you a contextual link within... read more

Opinions Dr. Ali Edalat in Brazil (47834)

Reviewed by Dennis M.
I was introduced to dentist Dr. Ali Edalat who was extremely patient and understanding as to what I needed. He did my check up and recommended a few fillings and a crown, which I just had done. He made me feel very comfortable and at ease. Great experience, I have recommended him to my friends.

Opinions Albertsons in Las Vegas (89135)

Reviewed by Gary H.
I would like to express my opinion on an employee in your pharmacy. Today I had the pleasure of dealing with Chester. He did everything in his power to help me obtain a critical medication that I absolutely needed. He is an amazing person and the kindest and most thoughtful individual I have ever encountered in customer service. I will... read more

Opinions Walmart in Newport (02840)

Reviewed by Jean Wilson W.
The best store in Newport AND great employees!!! Keep them by always respecting them and award them for super customer service. Fred and Teresa are just SO kind and helpful in the electronic dept!!!

Opinions West Elm in Red Bank (07701)

Reviewed by Lynn M.
Place is in need of people replenishment.

Opinions Catherines in Olympia (98502)

Reviewed by Beatrice J.
I like Catherines but may have to change stores as they have twice left the anti-theft device on my clothing and I had to return (from across town) to have it removed.

Opinions Best Buy in Shakopee (55379)

Reviewed by S G.
On my way home from work today I stopped buy Best Buy in Shakopee. What a waste of time. I had two or three items in mind that I was look for info on, and possibly to purchase. When I walked in the greeter greeted me with a "Hello". A good start, but that was the last interaction I had... read more

Opinions Albertsons in Tucson (85710)

Reviewed by Luz R.
Today I was @ your I asked for $40.00cash back but I don't received was one of the managers that help me out please if you at the end of the day have that money extra send me a message I will appreciate Thank you. total bill was more than/$ 70.00 no one answer phone that the reason I used... read more

Opinions Stop & Shop in Dumont (07628)

Reviewed by Diana R.
I have been disappointed 3 times by there bakery Dept. First time I tried ordering a birthday cake for my child's 3rd birthday and was told the baker was out that week and I could not order a customized cake. I went this year and was told to come back after Easter and when the baker was back in (she... read more

Opinions Bi-Mart in Coos Bay (97420)

Reviewed by Brenda S.
Both your pharmacy and your store phone numbers say no longer in service. I tried to order a refill online and it won't accept my Gmail. What's my next step?

Opinions Costco in Houston (77055)

Reviewed by Mary P.
I love Costco and it's very convenient for me. I was there today looking for my dog's treats top paw chicken jerky. They weren't there! When will you have them in stock again?

Opinions RadioShack in Altamonte Springs (32714)

Reviewed by P D.
This store is permanently closed

Opinions Regis Salons in Nottingham (21236)

Reviewed by LaKeisha P.
Salon is clean, professional, and my stylist Kelly is Awesome!

Opinions Albertsons in Los Lunas (87031)

Reviewed by Bernadette P.
Tried calling Los Lunas location before 9 pm no answer. They close at 10 tried 4 times no luck . Wanted to know details about Easter ???? hunt?? Disappointed ????

Opinions Best Buy in Burlington (01803)

Reviewed by Luiz S.
Would anyone pick up the phone? Bought open-box stove. Installation company did not pick it up from warehouse because it had missing parts. They told me to call the store. I have been trying, but no one picks up the phone.

Opinions Best Buy in Burlington (01803)

Reviewed by Luiz S.
Would anyone pick up the phone? Bought open-box stove. Installation company did not pick it up from warehouse because it had missing parts. They told me to call the store. I have been trying, but no one picks up the phone.

Opinions Zara in Annapolis (21401)

Reviewed by Anthony B.
TERRIBLE. I arrive at the Annapolis mall location on Sunday at 6:45 pm when the store closes at 7 pm. Me along with 3 other customers outside are told that the registers close at 630 and doors lock at 6:45 because (and here's the irony) they don't want to TURN AWAY CUSTOMERS. My response was "What the hell do you... read more

Opinions Sally Beauty in Williamsport (17701)

Reviewed by Hydia A.
Great customer

Opinions Albertsons in Albuquerque (87109)

Reviewed by G D.
Why are they closing the doors before 1130 and never had that time on the sign employees are getting hours for that time I think that is not right and they don't need to get paid for that time.

Opinions Kmart in Hollister (95023)

Reviewed by 790 HILLCREST RD HOLLISTER CA 95023,831-265-7297 A.

Opinions Sally Beauty in Williamsport (17701)

Reviewed by Hydia A.
Great customer service awsome
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