Ann Inc. and Give Back Box in partnership to encourage clothes donation

Article published on 04/29/2015 - Way of consumption

Ann Inc. is the first women's retailer to have partnered with Give Back Box, an organization created to facilitate donations. Their common goal: to expand one's contribution to charitable actions and make closet emptying helpful.

Regularly, some of us go through this irrepressible cleaning phase where we want a neat and tidy closet. Sorting out the clothes, shoes and accessories usually comes with three options: to keep, to discard, to donate. Unfortunately, the “to donate” pile often ends up in the trash can or stays in the garage forever, due to lack of time or laziness. Wouldn't it be easy if we could just pack the items in a box and send it? Actually, such a possibility has been existing since mid-2012, thanks to Monika Wiela. She created Give Back Box to make donations easier and therefore more effective. The little extra: reusing delivery boxes instead of getting rid of them. The principle is simple: take any box you can find, fill it with the things you won't need anymore, print the label you'll find on Give Back Box (or the brand in partnership) website and let the package be shipped by UPS, for free.

Ann Inc., the entity behind Ann Taylor and Loft, has always been doing business in a responsible and ethical way. The company is involved in (or set) numerous actions to contribute to environment and communities protection. It was therefore no surprise when the brand announced a partnership with Give Back Box. Ann Inc. has both the positive image and the extended network to have a concrete impact on this kind of operation. The collected items are donated to Goodwill Industries International and will be sold through its stores or website. The money will help finance some of the non-profit organization's many activities and services. Since Ann Inc. and Give Back Box started their collaboration in January, more than 2,800 pieces were given to Goodwill.

*Photo: Monika Wiela, Give Back Box founder.

Article written by Cécile Lessard
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