Moleskine: when old-school is in line with digital technology

Article published on 04/22/2015 - New technologies

Reborn in 1997, the mythical French notebooks have since regained their fame and success above all expectations. They're now competing with new technologies and chose to be a partner rather than an opponent.

When thinking about Moleskine, the first picture that usually comes to mind is Picasso or Hemingway covering the black notebook's sheets with soon-to-be priceless treasures. Or may be a journalist/investigator in a 1930's movie. The little black books production ended in 1986, when the last manufacturer died. It's an Italian designer, Maria Sebregondi, who came with the idea of a resurrection 10 years later. This proved to be a clever move, since the brand not only reached a leading position on the marketplace but also gained a chic-and-stylish acknowledgement. A Moleskine definitely is a must-have. Over the years, the range extended with new sizes, new purposes, new colors, new collections. Today you can even purchase a Moleskine laptop case or some printable paper.

However, since smartphones, tablets and small computers made their way, so have new habits. You can make your shopping list, draw a rough sketch, set a reminder and drop some ideas on the same device. But your notebook won't ring to remind you of an appointment. And writing on genuine paper is an irreplaceable feeling. So why not combine the traditional way and the new technology to make them complementary? The idea started to grow in 2010. Two years later, Moleskine introduced a smart notebook while Evernote developed an app, so that they both optimizes each other's use. Since 2013, all the sketches you make on an iPad with FiftyThree can be printed on Moleskine paper. Last year, the notebook maker released an app to upload and vectorize a drawing to make it editable with Adobe Creative Cloud. They also launched a range of pads that work in sync with Livescribe smartpens. And when Moleskine wants to be fashionable and fun, Hello Kitty, The Simpsons or Peanuts appear on the notebook covers. The Batman limited edition made its entry just this month.

*Photo: Moleskine

Article written by Cécile Lessard
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