Barber Shop Museum in New York

Barber Shop Museum in New York

News published on Monday, March 11, 2019

Visitors to the vibrant city of New York who want the chance to step into the past while also indulging in a spot of shopping should make sure that they pay a visit to the Barber Shop Museum.

Visitors enter the establishment through a set of blue and white velvet curtains and are invited to take a seat in a plush barber’s chair to enjoy the perfect shave or haircut while taking in the surrounding chandeliers, vintage tools and other items that have been collected from the 1920s and carefully maintained.

Pure Pampering for the Discerning Man

The New York Barber Shop Museum offers clients a number of special packages to choose from. The gold shave menu includes several hot towels, authentic pre-shave oil, shaving cream, a Bi-directional shave, face cream and a luxurious 15 minute facial, neck, and shoulder massage. The luxury shave also features all of these items without the massage, while those who are in a bit of a hurry and are impatient to continue exploring New York can opt for the special express shave.

The Perfect Cut

The New York Barber Shop Museum also features an extensive hair treatment menu and particularly of note is the 19th century bronze package that includes a wash, regular haircut, a neck shave and a hot towel neck massage. Visitors who opt for this package are also presented with a personal comb that mirrors the distinctive 1920’s style.

Lovers of luxury who want to feel truly pampered are sure to love the gold package, which features a wash both before and after the haircut, blow dry using and 20-style hairdryer, a hot towel massage and a neck shave. One of the things that makes this package truly special is the fact that the hair is cut using a pair of gold and diamond scissors as well as a gold comb that is encrusted with diamonds. Guests can indulge in champagne and black caviar while enjoying their haircut and are presented with the Reamir & Co product of their choice.

Discovering Timeless Tradition

The special grooming packages that are offered by the New York Barber Shop Museum are performed by Arthur Rubinoff, who is a fourth generation Master Barber and has been collecting authentic barber related antiques for more than a quarter of a century.

Arthur Rubinoff is very knowledgeable and passionate about the traditional skill if barberry and is always happy to answer any questions that his clients may have. Visitors are also invited to purchase the products that are used at the Barber Shop Museum, which are faithful to the roaring 20s and are difficult to find anywhere else.

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Barber Shop Museum in New York