Chain store Juul wants to open retail stores in United States

Chain store Juul wants to open retail stores in United States

News published on Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Anyone in the United States who enjoys indulging in e-cigarettes has a new reason to celebrate! They will soon be able to get all products and paraphernalia from one of the leading brands of e-cigarettes, with added convenience and comfort.

In case you haven’t heard about this, Juul is now planning to open a chain of retail stores across the US; although no formal announcement has been made as if yet, there are strong rumors suggesting the decision could go public very soon with the announcement of the first open stores in the heart of Texas.

A brief look at Juul e-cigarettes and how they secured a leading market position

In recent years, the newly introduced e-cigarettes market has exploded in popularity, since tobacco smokers believe this product might be a safer alternative to combustion. Juul quickly gained traction in the new market, since they introduced a diverse line of products that consumers find both enjoyable and interesting. From electronic alternatives to conventional tobacco to diverse fruit flavored variants that allow users to puff away while tasting different flavors, Jull managed to introduce a range of products that truly resonated with modern tobacco smokers who are wary of the health dangers of combustion.

By centering their marketing strategy on helping smokers overcome their habit without neglecting their pleasure, Juul experienced explosive growth as they rode the e-cigarette popularity waves triumphantly. The tide has however turned in recent years, as increasingly more scientific studies started questioning the safety of e-cigarettes – especially those that are sold in dessert-like fruit flavors that might be particularly appealing (and misleading) to younger clients. It didn’t take long before the public demanded tighter regulation that ultimately caused many massive retail stores like Walmart to eventually stop selling all kinds of e-cigarettes, including but not limited to Juul products.

Juul e-cigarettes should soon be available at dedicated stores

This change in the United States market dynamics forced Jull to reconsider their sales strategy, which brings us to their present decision to start selling their e-cigarettes at their own chain of retail stores. This is likely their only viable option given the increasingly negative perception around e-cigarettes, which is pushing manufacturers to reposition their products and paraphernalia in a new light – not as the healthy alternative for enjoying tobacco, but as a safer alternative to combustion that should nonetheless be used only by responsible adults.

In any case, it's likely this move will ultimately benefit e-cigarette users across the United States who will soon be able to purchase their favorite products at dedicated Juul retail stores in their close surroundings.

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Chain store Juul wants to open retail stores in United States