Dressbarn is closing all of its 650+ US stores!

Dressbarn is closing all of its 650+ US stores!

This is a bit of sad news for everyone who likes shopping at the modern fashion retailer Dressbarn, as the well-known company recently announced their plans to permanently end its operations and close all of its stores in the US.

This drastic decision will add up to the imminent closing of over 650 stores throughout the country, which means that several thousand of people will lose their jobs, and millions of people will lose a fashion retailer they had been familiar with for nearly sixty years.

According to Gary Muto - chief executive of a larger group that own Dressbarns – this decision was necessary to secure the financial health of the parent company, since Dressbarn had been achieving dwindling profit levels over the last years and losing customers to competing businesses. Decreasing return margins eventually left the executive managers with no other option than to close down the retailer and minimize losses. This decision will effectively bring Dressbarn to an end and terminate all of its available locations through the US. This brand will likely be missed since it was a popular fashion retail favorite by millions of Americans in no less than 45 states.

When is Dressbarn closing its US stores ?

No specific date has been set for the closing of Dressbarn stores, yet – although it's likely the entire process should take around a full year until all inventory has been cleared and all stores have been sold. The Dressbarn executive board has already started winding down operations, and will soon start reaching out to its nearly 7,000 associates with news on the specific closing dates for individual stores. According to representatives of the parent company, all employees will be offered transition support as they proceed to find their next job.

During the transition process ahead, no customers will be left unattended and no inventory will be left unsold. The available experience in the Dressban shops, as well as the official online stores, will remain exactly the same until further notice. If you happen to like the style of clothing available from Dressbarn, you may want to take this final window of opportunity to visit your local shops before they close. While it might be sad to see one of your favorite clothing brands end, this could actually prove a great chance to benefit from inviting stock clearance prices and turn the closing of Dressbarn US stores to your benefit.

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Dressbarn is closing all of its 650+ US stores!
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