Ganni to open first US stores in New York and Los Angeles

Ganni to open first US stores in New York and Los Angeles

News published on Friday, June 14, 2019

These are exciting news for fashion enthusiasts living in New York and Los Angeles: the well-known clothing brand Ganni is about to open its first stores in the USA.

The new stores are scheduled to open in the next fall, and they will likely be welcomed with open arms by fashionistas in both sides of the country. The New York store will be located in Soho (specifically at 40 Mercer St.); while the Los Angeles store will be found in West Hollywood (set your GPS to 9004 Melrose Ave).

Everyone who has been paying attention to the European fashion scene has likely heard about Ganni at this point, since this high-end clothing brand has grown dramatically in recent years – much thanks to its clever marketing strategy that relied heavily on connecting with a wide range of influencers in the clothing related demographics, to quickly gain traction, popularity, as establish a solid position of prestige.

Hailing from Denmark, where it currently features no less than 22 retail locations (mostly around the capital Copenhagen), Ganni is now a favorite choice among Europe’s most popular fashion girls… and in fact, it has already been getting much acclaim in the USA even before the first store has opened. All thanks to the founders’ excellent insight and creative strategies, coupled with a love for this country, which they have visited often while looking for a way to expand the Ganni brand.

In the last year, Ganni has been a growing presence in leading global retailers that specialize in elegant ready-to-wear fashion aimed at modern women (like Nordstrom and Net-a-Porter), as well as high-end indie stores. The available items, although limited to a fraction of the Ganni catalog, have made such a positive impact that soon the brand decided to experiment with E-commerce. This move served a double purpose: both to allow US clients to have access to the entire Ganni catalog, as well as gathering market data that would allow the company to decide whether it would be a good move to open a store there.

The results of this experiment were so favorable that Ganni decided to move forward with not only one but actually two clothing stores : one on the East coast and another on the East coast. This is how Los Angeles and New York have been chosen as the dual entry points into the U.S.A fashion market, where Ganni will very likely find increasing success.

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Ganni to open first US stores in New York and Los Angeles