Nike by Melrose : the new californian Nike Store

News published on Tuesday, December 18, 2018

There’s a new store making the headlines in Los Angeles and drawing the attention of sports fashion enthusiasts: the highly popular concept store “Nike by Melrose”.

This innovative shop which aims to provide an exciting new alternative to conventional retail stores by introducing a wide range of creative innovations that bridge the gap between traditional shopping and online shopping.

In case you haven’t heard about the Nike by Melrose concept, you’ll love learning about it here, and for those already in the loop, this article will also detail practical info about the new store.

What Exactly Is the “Nike by Melrose” Concept Store

“Nike by Melrose” is an exciting new concept store with a unique technological focus that promises to redefine boring old retail shops, which the brand feels are quickly becoming obsolete. To this effect, the innovative retail store relies heavily on data obtained from online shoppers as well from Nike’s proprietary “Nike Plus” applications. By using available shopping data to leverage their operations, the influential sports apparel brand aims to anticipate the needs and desires of customers and leave its old-fashioned competitors lagging behind.

This data-driven approach to creating the retail store of the future encompasses all aspects of its operations, from the very location (that was chosen by analyzing consumer habits and feedback) as well as the actual inventory (which fluidly reflects the online shopping habits of the target demographic). By paying close attention to all available data reflecting habits of consumers, Nike hopes not only to leverage sales but also to actually predict which products are likely to perform better.

The new Nike by Melrose in Los Angeles features a slew of innovative services ranging from a drive-through feature that allows customers to pick up their packages quickly and conveniently, as well locker collection services, that customers can rely on to keep their online purchases safely stored and available for trying out before purchasing.

Where in Los Angeles is the new Nike By Melrose?

If live in Los Angeles and you’re intrigued with the innovative new customer service and exciting consumer experience available at the new Nike by Melrose concept store, head out to Melrose Avenue – a popular shopping district that is well known to all West Hollywood residents. No matter if you’re a classic consumer or a digital shopper, you will likely enjoy exploring this innovative concept store.

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Nike by Melrose : the new californian Nike Store