What Are the Best Places for a Cup of Tea in Chicago?

What Are the Best Places for a Cup of Tea in Chicago?

News published on Friday, October 19, 2018

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a great cup of tea elevates the spirit and brings peace to the mind.

Bearing that in mind, it’s well-worth knowing where to go to get the best and only the best, so here are a few of Chicago's finest.

Tea Connoisseurs of Chicago

If you like your hot drinks well-named, venues such as The Allis, Goddess and the Baker, Caffe Streets, Brindille and Band of Bohemia may be right up your street. As well as a full afternoon tea service, The Allis loves its Emperors, from Emperor’s Mint Meritage to Emperor’s Jasmine Pearls, all enjoyed in a ‘relaxed and welcoming social space’ in a gorgeous building - so if you’re feeling regal, The Allis may be well worth a call.
Goddess and the Baker sell desserts all day and offer a range of teas from staples such as Earl Grey to more exotic flavours and evefn a ‘Detox Tea’; all-day desserts alongside a nice detox sounds like relaxation heaven, which come to think of it, is probably why it’s called Goddess and the Baker !

Caffe Streets is an independent store in the Wicker Park area, providing a relaxed space and a range of delicious beverages including the soul-soothing Ancient Forest black tea. Caffe Streets also pride themselves on an enticing range of coffees.

Another contender in the best-named tea selection contest is Brindille. Besides their mouth-watering food menu, Brindille boast a heartwarming Cider Spice Noir and even a high-end edition of one of the classics in their 2012 Private Reserve Hand-Rolled Darjeeling.

Meanwhile, Band of Bohemia - the first-ever Michelin Starred Brewpub - offer tea services from around the world. You can expect to enjoy a range of expertly sourced strains in a sumptuous environment at Band of Bohemia.

And if Tea’s Not Enough...

Many of the above establishments also offer a range of amazing coffees. They are joined in this by the likes of Café Integral, Gaslight Coffee Roasters and Big Shoulders Coffee. Café Integral boast some of the best Nicaraguan coffee going, painstakingly working with their partners to get only the best. If you crave that taste of Central America, Café Integral is your place. Gaslight Coffee Roasters provide a dining and drinking experience, but also sell some of the finest coffees for your use at home and are a great call for home baristas and coffee enthusiasts. Big Shoulders Coffee do a similar service, and also like at Gaslight Coffee Roasters you can find time-limited offers on special feature coffees at Big Shoulders Coffee. A solid bet if you want to wow your friends.

Chicago truly possesses a dazzling range of teas and coffees. Get out there, settle yourself down and let the afternoon drift away in a cloud of fragrant steam!

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What Are the Best Places for a Cup of Tea in Chicago?