A monthly Sephora selection for $10 a month

Article published on 08/18/2015 - Way of consumption - New Products

The cosmetics retailer is about to launch its own subscription box service: just like Birchbox or Glossybox, Sephora will treat you with a small selection of products every month.

Five years ago started Birchbox, the first cosmetics subscription box service: for $10 per month, you get to receive five deluxe samples of selected beauty products, with the possibility to buy the full size afterwards if you want. It's going so well that Birchbox just opened its first store in New York City and some other subscription services emerged, like Glossybox (which is more expensive with $21 a month).

Sephora, who is the best suited to provide such a service, to say the least, is following Birchbox's lead. The gigantic cosmetics retailer will test the subscription box concept this September in selected cities: Boston, Cincinnati and Columbus (and more in 2016). The monthly cost is $10, they've called it Play! By Sephora and you can already get registered on a dedicated section on their website.

To make a difference, Sephora adds a few treats in the Play! box. The Play! Book will feature tips and info about the selected products, there'll be a Spotify playlist, a Play! Pass to show up at any Sephora store for customized courses and bonus samples. According to Racked, the first Play! Box will offer Bumble & Bumble, Glamglow, Marc Jabobs, Ole Henriksen and Sephora products.

*Photo: Sephora

Article written by Cécile Lessard
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