Caffeine inhalation is the new energy shot

Article published on 09/07/2015 - New Products - New technologies

If you can't even find the time to sit a few minutes for a much-needed caffeine shot, inhalation may be the solution. Actually, it's becoming very trendy.

Remember the invigorating sensation when taking a big breath over a can of freshly ground coffee, or just the delicious smell coming out of the coffee maker... Well, sadly you can't walk around carrying a packet of coffee or a percolator. You may not even be able to have an expresso as often as you want or need. Fortunately there's a new way to get your caffeine boost: inhalation. Not inhalation combined with nicotine in an e-cigarette, or in a dedicated bar as they do with booze in the UK. No, we're talking plain, sophisticated caffeine inhalation with a stick.

Eagle Energy Vapor is probably the leader in this field. Entrepreneur Elliot Mashford founded this little company a year ago because he wasn't satisfied with the caffeine and nicotine mix that is used in the e-cigarettes liquid. So his Eagle Energy Vapor sticks are filled with an exclusive blend of caffeine (a guarana extract), taurine and ginseng only. Each stick contains 0.08% caffeine per mL. There's no sugar, no calorie, no nicotine and a stick will deliver around 500 puffs. The vaporizers are available for purchase on the Eagle Energy Vapor website: a pack of three sticks is $24.99, and you'll get a box of ten for $74.99.

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Article written by Cécile Lessard
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