McDonald's breakfast menu after 10.30? May be...

Article published on 07/27/2015 - Food/Health

It's already been tested three months ago, in San Diego. No decision has been taken yet, but McDonald's is seriously considering offering its breakfast menu all day long in the US.

McDonald's breakfast menus represent no less than 25% of the fast-food chain sales, a result many competitors envy: that's more than any other in the fast-food industry. Since the company has been going through some growth issues for a while, it's a good time to bring new ideas. Many customers have been urging McDonald's to provide breakfast orders all day long, so why not start here.

A first test has been carried out last April, in 94 restaurants in San Diego and its area, but cautiously: the McMuffin menu (only) was served all day long, with success, encouraging the fast-food giant to repeat the experiment last June in Greenville and Greenwood, Miss. then this month, through more than 130 restaurant in Nashville, Tenn.

The main problem about offering breakfast and burgers alongside is the room they need for grill and preparation. Cooking both at the same time could have an impact on the "fast" part of the food, especially during rush hours. Still, MacDonald's really needs improvement and is said to have asked all franchisees to consider offering the breakfast menu all day long, from this October.

*Photo: McDonald's

Article written by Cécile Lessard
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