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Article published on 05/27/2015 - Shop - Way of consumption

Nordstrom is once again doing its best to facilitate our inclination for shopping and our communication with the salespeople. After Next last year, the upscale fashion retailer goes all the way with TextStyle.

Next is already a convenient service for busy (or lazy, or shy) customers. Next is the text message service launched by Nordstrom last year. It enables a direct communication with the in-store salespeople. The only thing you'll need to do is to create a Next account. Then you can have a chat with a sales assistant, ask for a personalized advice or the availability of a given product. Nordstrom goes one step further and just announced that we can now shop by text message. The service is already offered at all 116 US store locations and Nordstrom is the only retailer to provide such an option.

It's called TextStyle, it's the follow-up to the Next service and it is quite simple to use. Just text an item's description, a reference or a picture. You can request recommendations, too. When you've found what you want, just reply with "buy" (not "bye") to complete the purchase with a unique code you'll receive, using your Nordstrom customer account. Your order will be delivered free of charge. Of course the whole platform is completely private and secure. So if you want to shop by text message at Nordstrom, use your Next account (or create one) then sign up for the included option to use TextStyle.

*Photo: Nordstrom

Article written by Cécile Lessard
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