10 of the Best Rooftop in NYC

News published on Friday, May 17, 2019

New York City is one of the world’s best destination with stunning features. The houses, arrangement and even the roads in the city and those that lead into the city all add fragrance to the city outlook.

Construction of buildings with adorable rooftops is one of the emerging trends that has been immensely adopted in the stunning city. Unlike the past when rooftops were just meant to cover house tops, the modernised rooftops consist of ample space and are nicely decorated. Some rooftop spaces have even been improvised as rooftop outdoor bars where customers can feel the flow of open air, observe the sky at night and even a strategic point to enjoy while looking over the New York city.

Some of the most thrilling rooftops in New York include;

Ophelia bar

The bar is on the Beekman Tower and features the 1920s decorations. The place is not only a wonderful destination to spend your free time but also has awesome vintage decorations that boast the aesthetics of the bar.

Mr Purple

This is also another outstanding rooftop bar that is located to the East of New York City. From this destination, customers can have a stunning view of Manhattan while enjoying their cocktails

Salon de Ning

This is perfect stop entails Shanghai origin decorations that are well furnished and chosen. It is located atop Peninsula in New York 23 floors up the building. Customers can enjoy the outlook and a taste of Japan origin drinks.

Gallow Green

This is just another fantastic artwork that is skilfully designed to look as if it has been abandoned. The rooftop spot is located atop the McKittrick hotel in New York, customers can enjoy live music during the weekends besides delicious dinner meal.

Magic hour

It is absolutely magical place to enjoy mini golf and every modern drink you can think of is availed. It also consists of a mini garden and the majority of the customers who love the spot are adults.

The Ides

The Ides rooftop bar lounge is located on top the Wythe hotel in Brooklyn New York. It consists of a very comfortable terrace and classic general outlook.

The Sixty-five bar

This destination that features an astonishing outdoor terrace with a perfect city view is atop of 30 Rock 65th floor.

Refinery Rooftop

The spot is perfect with a romantic wedding inspired outlook. The wood work is well furnished and the lights colourfully twinkling, it is located on the Empire State building. The glass cover ensures comfort during the rains.

The Cantor Roof Garden

If you want to have a magical feeling when viewing the Central Park, then this is your perfect stop that consists of art installations that are able to rotate. Customers can enjoy the magical gaze with served drinks.

St. Cloud

This is one of the perfect outdoor venues located in Midtown for an afternoon relaxing. The location is just perfect to have a stunning view of Times Square.

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10 of the Best Rooftop in NYC