Adidas Adizero XVI swimsuit combines intelligence and intuition

Article published on 12/22/2015 - New technologies - New Products

Adidas introduced a revolutionary swimsuit last month in Germany. According to them, the Adizero XVI swimsuit is the fastest ever.

The event took place at the end of November at the Muller'sches Volksbad in Munich, Germany. Adidas was then about to officially unveil what it claims to be 'the fastest swimsuit ever': the Adizero XVI. Some of the fastest competitive swimmers in the world, including Coralie Balmy, Allison Schmitt, Michael Andrew, Chris Walker-Hebborn and Cesar Cielo, were certainly not afraid to go for a dip and make a demonstration of the revolutionary swimsuit.

To create this technological marvel, Adidas has 'worked with biomechanics, physiologists, fabric and pattern experts, plus a global pool of elite athletes'. The three major advancements achieved by the company and its team of experts are X-Tra Energy for the energy optimisation, X-Tra Flow for the intelligent materials and X-Tra Fit is the stroke-specific biometric fit.

As Deborah Yeomans, Director Future for Adidas explains: "Elite swimmers know that to create their best race, every millisecond counts. Correct body positioning, water flow and a smooth aerodynamic fit all combine to make the difference between a medal on the world's stage and disappointment. With the Adizero XVI we have deconstructed the swimsuit status quo and rebuilt it to optimise the natural movement of the human body. We look forward to seeing the swimsuit propel our athletes onto the podium this summer". The Adizero XVI line of swimsuit will be available for sale from February 2016.

Photo: Adidas News

Article written by Cécile Lessard
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