If someone you know turns 99 soon, 99 Cents Only is interested

Article published on 09/28/2015 - Way of consumption

99 Cents Only has its own way to communicate, using the number 99 as a mascot. The retailer is currently looking for a person turning 99 years old soon.

Since the beginning, the discount retailer 99 Cents Only has been known for its communication based on the 99 number, in an original way. To celebrate the opening of his first store, back in 1982, founder David Gold sold 9 television sets at 99 cents each to his first 9 customers. A tradition that continues to this day. So honoring 99th birthdays is kind of a priority for the company, whether they're celebrities or not. Amelia De-Four knows what it means: a big party and a shopping spree or, in other words, the possibility of taking as many items as she wanted, for free.

99 Cents Only is now looking for soon-to-be-99 candidates, aka "official 99ers", to inaugurate a new way to celebrate the magic number: "If you know someone turning 99 years of age, we would like to make their day special by sending them a gift basket with their favorite items and featuring them in the 99 Cents Only Stores direct mail ad". If this is the case, the following information regarding the person must be sent to 99newsletter@99only.com: their name, date of birth, favorite item at the 99 Cents Only stores, why you think they should be selected to be featured in the ad, and a recent photo.

*Photo: 99 Cents Only

Article written by Cécile Lessard
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