Muji has inaugurated its US flagship on Fifth Avenue

Article published on 11/24/2015 - Shop

Japanese retailer Muji just unveiled its eleventh store in the US. It's the company's eleventh shop and it's located on the Fifth Avenue.

Muji is a quite well known Japanese retailer that sells various household goods. The company became famous for minimalist, plain designs, a no-logo no-brand strategy, a packaging minimising policy and combined to a recycling philosophy. The range of products rapidly expanded from a few items (such as office supplies and stationary) to a wide selection of products: tableware, furniture, beauty products, clothing, luggage, kitchen tools,... Anything can be found at Muji's. Last week, on November 20th, Muji launched a new location in the US. It's the retailer's eleventh outlet in the US but more importantly it's the company's flagship store, beautifully located on 475 Fifth Avenue in New York City. It's also Muji's largest store in North America with 12,000 sq. ft. over two floors.

In addition to a large selection of products, the store also offers a few features available for the first time here, like the embroidery station. There, you can have your Muji textile personalized for $3 for each design, knowing that you can pick from a selection of more than 100 designs. You can also customize you paper goods and bags at the rubber stamp bar. At the Aroma lab, you can choose your favorite essential oils and it will cost you $18 to have them blend especially for you in a 10 ml bottle. As Muji said, the aim is to "spread the comfortable living to an even greater number of consumers".

Photo: Muji

Article written by Cécile Lessard
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