No more eBay same-day delivery service in the US

Article published on 08/05/2015 - Way of consumption

It's been on the hot seat for months and it's now official: eBay shuts down its same-day delivery service in the US.

The subject of ending eBay Now, the e-commerce company's fast delivery service, first came up last October. Two years after its launch, eBay Now was already costing a lot of money to please only a very small proportion of customers. A fast delivery is interesting for products like groceries, which is obviously not eBay's main market. The fact that the service was never expanded to 25 locations as intended was a clear indication of eBay's doubts about its viability.

Conducted in a few areas only (New York, Chicago, Dallas, San Jose and San Francisco), the now-called "experiment" is shutting down for good. Since eBay noticed that their customers are more interested in picking up their goods for free rather than getting them delivered home for an extra cost, that's the service they will focus on, trying to make it efficient and reliable. As for the staff impacted by the shutting down, they should be transferred to other positions in the company.

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Article written by Cécile Lessard
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