Odo Denim: The world's first self-cleaning jeans

Article published on 01/26/2016 - New technologies - New Products

How about a pair of jeans that doesn't need to be washed and still remains fresh and clean? This is not a dream anymore, since Odo Denim has figured out how to realise such a miracle.

According to Salman Chaudry, Odo Denim founder, a pair of jeans is "one of the highest water consuming article of clothing in our wardrobe". Water is necessary from growing the cotton to the point where your jeans reach the washing machine for the first time. And since we tend to wash our jeans as soon as they get dirty or smelly, this is a huge volume of water used every year. Salman Chaudry lives in California, he is therefore familiar with the regular water restrictions in the area. He also has worked with several textile brands and started thinking about a denim that wouldn't need to be washed, a fabric that wouldn't stain or stink.

Chaudry and his team spent a year developing the denim to eventually create Odo Denim. The first goal was to get a denim that doesn't smell: it was achieved with silver, a chemical element which literally kills the bad smell caused by bacteria developing in the sweat. Silver-infused thread is incorporated into the fabric so it will last as long as any other kind of denim. As for the self-cleaning properties, the technology used by Odo Denim is called NanoSphere: nanoparticles form a very fine structure on the surface to repel liquid ans stains, just like water slides on a leaf.

Salman Chaudry's project is on Kickstater, with a few days left to be part of the adventure and an estimated delivery in June 2016. Prices start at $99, with different styles available for women and men. You can event get a complete self-cleaning outfit: the Odo Denim anti-stain and odorless technologies are used on other items of clothing such as a scarf, t-shirts and socks. As Salman Chaudry says, this is all you need to "save water fashionably".

Photo: Odo Denim on Kickstarter

Article written by Cécile Lessard
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