Tommy Hilfiger has inaugurated Twitter Halo

Article published on 09/15/2015 - New technologies

This is a world premiere: Tommy Hilfiger just launched Twitter Halo during his Spring 2016 fashion show in New York. Talk about head spinning tweets.

Twitter Halo, from Twitter, Inc., is a multi-camera device designed to capture 360 degree videos. These short videos can be shared on Twitter, in real time. To launch this new tweeting format, Twitter, Inc. partnered with a long-term friend and collaborator: fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger. “Fashion and Twitter go hand-in-hand, and Tommy Hilfiger is one brand that's consistently ahead of the curve when it comes to implementing creative uses of Twitter” said Twitter's Head of Brand Strategy Ashley Vinson. In fact, Hilfiger really is into these digital ways of communication and, for example, used Twitter Mirror and Vine 360 Booth on previous runaway shows last year, to share the experience from the inside.

So Monday September 14th in New York was a world premiere. During the brand's Spring 2016 Fashion Show, Hilfiger has launched Twitter's new video feature, Halo. Every Halo 360 degree video captured before, during and after the show was shared in real time through the platform with the hashtag #tommyspring16. “As the market for virtual reality and 360 content expands,” says Avery Baker, Chief Marketing and Brand Officer at Tommy Hilfiger, “this is a new step to integrate this sort of multimedia content directly into a social media feed.”

*Photo: @TommyHilfiger

Article written by Cécile Lessard
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