Your mayonnaise to the very last drop

Article published on 07/07/2015 - New technologies

We've all been there: shaking the mayonnaise or ketchup bottle to get what's left in the bottom without much success. This will soon belong to the past, thanks to LiquiGlide.

LiquiGlide was created three years ago to market a revolutionary MIT invention: a patented liquid-impregnated surface technology. "A liquid-impregnated surface is a multi-layer surface, consisting of a customized solid texture and a liquid. The highly textured solid surface is composed of a matrix of features spaced sufficiently close to stably contain the impregnating liquid that fills in the spaces between the features. The liquid is held in place within the texture, creating a permanently slippery, liquid surface. The product is actually sliding on our liquid layer, in a liquid-to-liquid interface." That's how LiquiGlide explains the concept, and if it sounds a bit obscure, their various videos demonstrate how effective this is.

Each coating is developed according to the liquid's specifics, whether it's glue, toothpaste, nail enamel... or ketchup and mayonnaise. Orkla, a Norwegian food manufacturer, announced last week their agreement with LiquiGlide to use their technology for mayonnaise products in Northern Europe. One may be concerned about the slippery coating's risks on health, but LiquiGlide confirms that each coating can be made from food and is designed to be harmless and to meet all the required safety standards. Hopefully many food and grocery manufacturer will follow and allow us to enjoy our mayonnaise to the very last drop.

Photos: LiquiGlide / MIT

Article written by Cécile Lessard
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