Favorite Shopping Places Across Texas

News published on Wednesday, February 6, 2019

As the state with the biggest land area in the US, Texas certainly has its fair share of retail outlets supplying their customers with a rich variety of goods.

Across the major cities of Texas, countless stores deal in all manner of items, some with mass appeal, some catering to more specialised tastes.


Texas is a state with an iconic history, and Dallas' Pinto Ranch Fine Western Wear takes full advantage of this with boots, hats, jackets and other garments designed to delight any customer looking for the authentic Western style.

Dallas was once home to Set&Co, a store that specialised in artisanal household goods and kitchenware. To the dismay of many local residents, however, Set&Co announced in December 2018 that it would be closing. It remains to be seen whether a new, similar outlet will arise to take the place of the late, lamented Set&Co.


In Austin we find ByGeorge, which is filled with fashion and lifestyle goods. Emphasising luxury, ByGeorge actually has three separate locations in Austin: The Men's Shop, the Women's Shop and South Congress. All three branches of ByGeorge are frequented by customers who are hoping to put a touch of class and glamour into their wardrobes.

Also in Austin is Uncommon Objects, a truly unique outlet that specialises in rare or one-of-a-kind items. It has long been a favorite amongst customers who want a unique gift or simply something to bring an unusual quality to their home.


One of the many specialist stores to have intrigued residents of Brenham is Cat Spring Candles. Promising customers an "aroma as big as Texas", the shop deals in a wide range of scented candles, which the business pours upon request of retail and wholesale orders alike.

Elsewhere in Brenham, the Home Sweet Farm Market & Biergarten is a place that bridges the gap between shopping location and bar. With food, drink and live music, it suits both customers who want something to take home and those who want to eat out.

Fort Worth

One of the favorite attractions in Fort Worth is its General Store, which specialises in keeping the frontier spirit alive with a range of gifts and garments themed around the Wild West, designed to suit customers of all ages.

Going from the old to the new, the Modern Shop is associated with the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. A wide range of art-related products, from art prints to books about art, are available at the Modern Shop; it even stocks a number of items for children, helping younger art lovers to explore creativity. The Modern Shop has something for a variety of tastes.


Finally, we come to Houston and its Palais Royal, a wide-ranging department store that is a must-see attraction for any Houston shopper. It offers a variety of shops that will please any customer.

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Favorite Shopping Places Across Texas