Disney's Playmation: toys enter a new era

Article published on 06/11/2015 - New technologies - New Products

Disney's Playmation toys are actually beyond toys. Wearables, motion sensors, wireless technology amongst others, will allow your kids to be a real part of the story, in a way that's really innovative. Welcome to a new smart toys era.

Just to be sure, Disney commissioned a few studies to confirm the facts, but we already know that kids are into high tech when it comes to games and entertainment. We, as grown-ups raised with much simple toys and less possibilities, we want our kids to be active an imaginative. Still, we acknowledge that new technologies are part of their young lives. So Disney's technical and imagination teams have worked hard to bring our kids the best of the two worlds with a brand new way to play: “Imagination made real”. It's called Playmation.

Playmation is not a video game. It combines apps, wearables, motion sensors, infrared, connected toys, so the kids are really immersed into the stories (Disney, Marvel and Star Wars to begin with), along with their heroes and heroines. An internet connection can be required at the beginning, to register the products and see them evolve along with the missions. Then kids can play inside or in the garden, alone or with friends. Star Wars and Frozen systems are still under development. George Lucas saga is scheduled for 2016 and Disney's heroine should be available in 2017.

But you won't have to wait that long to see Playmation appear on your kids wishlist: Marvel's Avengers will introduce this new generation of toys this October, just in time for the holidays. For about $120, the Avengers starter pack comes with five connected items: Iron Man's Repulsor, two Power Activators and two Smart Figures (Captain America and Iron Skull). Oh, and just so you know: Iron Man's Repulsor fits an adult's wrist perfectly too.

*Photo: www.playmation.com

Article written by Cécile Lessard
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