Owl's Brew: use tea as a base for your cocktails

Article published on 07/16/2015 - New Products

If you're bored with your usual cocktails, try this: Owl's Brew is a tea, especially made to renew the mix and give it a fresh twist.

The story of Owl's Brew started in 2012, when Jennie Ripps and Maria Littlefield slowly got tired of their vodka cranberry. Juices are too sweet and not thirst-quenching enough. As huge "tea-drinking boozers", as they like to call themselves, their first move was to replace cranberry juice with... cranberry tisane. And naturally came the idea of a tea, a special tea that would be crafted for cocktails. Eighteen months later, Owl's Brew was born, with a range of three tea infused cocktail mixers launched in the end of 2013 and that already shook the booze world a little.

Each of the three flavors can be mixed with vodka, tequila, whiskey, champagne, gin or rum, the proper combo being "2 Parts Brew, 1 Part Booze". But you can enjoy it on the rocks, too. Owl's Brew is made from tea leaves, fruits, spices and herbs only, and no artificial component whatsoever. You can buy the three different blends on their website, which also features many cocktail recipes. Ripps and Littlefield also have deals BevMo, Total Wine & More, Bed Bath & Beyond, Whole Food Markets, Fairway Market and Williams-Sonoma to sell Owl's Brew.

*Photos: The Owl's Brew

Article written by Cécile Lessard
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