Smartbe, a smart stroller for smart parents

Article published on 02/09/2016 - New technologies - New Products

Crowdfunding campaign has started on Indiegogo: if you want to be one of the first owners of Smartbe, the revolutionary stroller, you can support the project now.

Smartbe describes its concept as the solution to many parents major needs for their baby: safety, comfort and convenience. Since May 2015, Guillermo Morro and his team, all inspired by their own experience as parents, have been developing a revolutionary intelligent stroller, featuring a very modern and minimalist design. Basic functions, such as canopies, adjustable frame and handlebar or safety belt are of course included. But this stroller wouldn't be that intelligent without innovations, all fulfilling US and European Safety Regulations.

The Smartbe features different propulsion modes, cameras, an air conditioning system, a wireless speaker and a microphone, a feeding bottle warmer, a battery charger, an anti-theft sensor, and that's just some of its characteristics. The stroller comes with an app that enables control and settings with smartphones and/or smartwatches. You can support the project on Indiegogo and if you don't have a baby yet, now is the time to work on it: as indicated on the company's website, shipping should start this Fall. You might as well start saving a little since the price for a Smartbe stroller will likely be around $3,000.

Photo: Smartbe

Article written by Cécile Lessard
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